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    pretech 6 piston installed

    [/URL][/IMG] finished install of my pretech 6 piston caliper from TTP in UK, came with ebc organic pads i ditched for ferodo sintered, also needed a different brake line with flat banjo at the caliper, spiegler made one shipped same day living next door ohio to me in pa i had it in two days...
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    pretech 6 piston caliper for maggies

    pretech 6 piston direct bolt on calipers now availble for our magged wheel bonnies, mine shipped today from TTP, they are priced better than others in that catagory, read some good reviews as these were available fot the other bonnies
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    alternator charging

    looking at several post about battery issues etc, does anyone know what amps the alternator outputs at? my 06 sportster was said to need 50 mph to get real charging as lo rpm does little, the buell had i believe a 3 phase alternator that charged at lo as well as hi rpm
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    chain + sprockets

    took OE chain + sprockets off my 2012 base bonnie at 650 miles, chain is unbroken as i has to remove swingarm to install belt. $90 shipped in the USA
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    belt drive

    got a belt drive that looks to be what newbonneville lists as "out of stock" since i seen it 6 months ago, its made by fits great with great install instructions on line + included, only have 710 miles on my new 2012 bonneville, installed belt at 650 miles very pleased, scootworks...
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    hello all

    new 2012 bonnie owner from pa, first bonnie since my 1970!! just killin time i took a test ride on a 2012 T-100 that did it!!! although i bought the base maggie for its looks and IMO handles better than a T-100, i love it