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    Tuning help needed!

    My 2013 Bonnie has air box removal, air injection removal, predator pipes and #11 ttp tune. It runs very hard, but I have an issue. I am getting a popping noise by the throttle body area, its cutting out. I can watch the tach and it will drop roms everytime it make the sound.If I am going a...
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    New Bonneville question

    I was wondering if anyone else has noticed the manifold bolt to the cyclinder head on the left side of the engine has a small gap between the cylinder head and the manifold . It looks like a maching error??
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    Stalling after airbox elimination

    I just pick up brand new Bonneville. Predator exhaust, bc airbox elimination kit, air injection eleminator, arrow 2 into 2 tune. I have had a few stalls at stop lights, also hesitation just off Idle. I have about 15 miles on it and has died 5 times. Any suggestions??
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    Where can i get a Service manual for 2013 bonneville?

    Anybody know where to download a factory service manual for new bonneville?
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    2013 bonneville suspension advice

    Hello everyone. I am buying a 2013 bonneville with mag wheels. On the rear I am running hagon shocks but I need advice on front suspension. My dealer suggest emulators over progressive springs. Any suggestions?? Thanks