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  1. oldmanjob

    Prayers needed.....

    Prayers sent up. I hope he recovers from this dreaded disease, as my first wife's mother battled Scleraderma.
  2. oldmanjob

    Helmet Rec's

    As I slid across the ground on my stomach, and my face saw every rock, pebble, and leftover road kill, was thankful I was wearing my Nolan N102 modular. Without it I would have needed a face transplant. Nolan's fit my head shape fine, as i replace the helmet with another N102, plus now I also...
  3. oldmanjob

    The Great Chase

  4. oldmanjob

    The world before crotch rockets.

  5. oldmanjob

    treating leather

    I have also had my Rivton jacket for over 5 years and have always on a regular basis treated it with Meguiar's Gold Class leather cleaner and conditioner. It has also faded just the same and it now looks as old as me:lol:. I like the look though, as it looks like I have been riding non-stop for...
  6. oldmanjob

    Three New Triumphs for 2012

    All the McQueen addition is missing is a Ural side car in the same green finish:lol:
  7. oldmanjob

    file under: I will never understand

    The sound of opinions falling to the floor:lol:
  8. oldmanjob

    Booze and bikes

    I put the cork in the bottle back in 1976 (yes i am an old fart:headbang2:) and have never looked back. Booze and bikes do not mix, the same goes for booze and any motorized vehicle. I stay away from any charitable or group rides that end up at biker friendly bars. The last ride for a Breast...
  9. oldmanjob

    Time to hit the DMV

    If you hit it at the right time of day it is a breeze, other wise it may take up to 20 to 30 minutes to get in and out.
  10. oldmanjob

    Any good riding clubs

    Riding with groups can be enjoyable at times, but riding with groups like Southern Cruisers which is a prevalent international riding club, not to be confused or associated with MC clubs, can at times be a slow and tedious ride as most members are on one ton cruisers. Same goes for the Star...
  11. oldmanjob

    BiLT Trackstar Boot Review...

    My son Jon just purchased a pair and he had to go down a size. He likes them very much and they are really starting to break in:woot: A good boot for the price. And yes they are not track boots but work well as he thrashes his Busa through the twisties of Western NC. :motorbike2: Bill
  12. oldmanjob

    my new ride. for real this time, honest.....

    Cool bike, ride safely.
  13. oldmanjob

    People from Florida

    Look into Western NC, great roads, not 318 miles and 11 curves like in Florida:lol3: My son and daughter-in-law, and my other son's future wife are in the nursing field down here and are doing very well. Schools in the county are top notch for nursing credentials. Bill
  14. oldmanjob

    It's video posting week...

    Here is one on the new prototypes being developed in Japan for the 2012 model year.!/video/video.php?v=1386353939451
  15. oldmanjob

    M ES back from the dead

    Hmmmmm, you were gone:shrug::lol:
  16. oldmanjob

    cool video - some street triple thrashing

    Great Vid, thanks for posting:headbang2: And yes they sure can ride:eeek:
  17. oldmanjob

    Curing the winter blues
  18. oldmanjob

    Bonnie Bret's down

    A speedy recovery, but don't rush things. Bill
  19. oldmanjob

    damned ethanol!

    Star tron works for me, as my bike tank is not metal, and the so called plastic tanks tend to swell and the paint begins to crack and bubble. Duc's and Guzzi's have this problem and a ton of tanks have been replaced. Bill
  20. oldmanjob

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all:cheers: Enjoy Bill
  21. oldmanjob

    Christmas presents for yourself...?

    Just had these installed on the bike on Thursday:ride::cheers: Heated grips:headbang2:
  22. oldmanjob

    White Helmuts

    They were great, like the retro bikes:headbang2: Bill
  23. oldmanjob

    I'm so pissed off at the weather

    Would love 50, as it is 17 in the sunny south, this morning and looking out my window
  24. oldmanjob

    If you had to....... which would you?

    As I was born in 1939 AD not BC the only choice i had was one of these:headbang2: