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  1. ratlab

    Official Thruxton Picture Thread

    nothing cosmetic yet-working on suspension, brakes and motor.pretech 6-pot front caliper-ebc racing rotor-rear brake relocator-airbox removal-pods-813 cams-arrow 2-1-power commander v with custom dyno map-gazi piggybacks-racetech emulators and springs-fork brace-steering dampener-all balls...
  2. ratlab

    2013 bonneville suspension advice

    racetech emulators are a good fix for the front end.i also used them on my 250 racebike and about 3 or 4 other bikes i have owned.i think it's the best you could do next to the honda conversion and bitubos. i am looking to do the bitubo drop-ins in the future.
  3. ratlab

    pretech 6 piston installed

    i did the same ,but used ebc sintered. i also had spiegler make a new line for me.pretech caliper is great, can really tell braking is improved.i think it might work better with larger bore master cylinder,but huge improvement for a good price.
  4. ratlab

    In various states of undress...

    nice bike- i had trouble finding a map that would work-i removed airbox and have arrow 2-1- went with a power commander and had it dynoed-runs great thru the powerband and better gas mileage also
  5. ratlab


    that would be ideal to try another thruxton-the dealers here are always sold out-it would would be great if anyone in the bay area would want to swap for a day.i am for sure more dialed in with sportbike style of riding.i have tried to smooth it out on the thruxton,but i am still very...
  6. ratlab


    steering head bearings are ok-i even pulled swingarm and made sure sure it was straight from pivot-frame i don't know.i have been dreading finding out it's not straight. i have to do something because i hardly ever ride it
  7. ratlab


    i think racetech setup is to stiff for frame. i have done everything you have and nothing worked either.i cut spacers and changed to a lighter weight fork oil 15 to 10 and it is getting better.i'm going to keep going in that direction.i think we want a little more rebound and less compression to...
  8. ratlab

    front wheel bounce

    try sport demons-cured my instability and wobble problems-i have hagon rear shocks,racetech forks,steering damper and fork brace -nothing would help until i used these tires-also thruxtons really don't like to have any weight on the front-forks need to be flush with top clamp to get straight...
  9. ratlab

    Bonneville as first 'real' bike

    it also weighs 200 lbs less and has a 30 inch seat height and stops and turns easily-big difference
  10. ratlab

    Bonneville as first 'real' bike

    i cannot believe that you guys think a bonneville is ok for a first bike-i think a cbr 250,maybe a ninja 250 or any dual purpose 250 is a thousand times better-the msf course will show you how to ride a bike-it won't show how to deal with a heavy,semi fast bike with bad brakes in real world...
  11. ratlab

    Ordered some new stuff for my Thrux.

    the triumph/arrow map does suck-get a power commander and custom map or it will be pointless
  12. ratlab

    What happens to modern classics??

    a limited r model would be awesome -i think they are made in thailand
  13. ratlab

    What happens to modern classics??

    the look is great-everybody that see's it loves it,but really disappoints with weak brakes,bad suspension and slow and for a twin,non torquey motor-many $'s later to address said problems, i have a bike i like,but triumph needs to throw some upgraded parts at it -just cause it looks like a...
  14. ratlab

    Miles per tank? Town riders.

    warning light starts blinking around 110 and stays on about 125-40-45 mpg- arrow 2-1,power commander,custom map,airbox removal,k&n pods-gets better gas mileage than stock-i don't commute or do to much riding in town
  15. ratlab

    Front progressive rate springs and brakes

    don't waste your time with progressive springs-do a racetech or similar emulator-i did both and there is no comparison-go for hagon2810 rear cheap alternative ,but very good-i tried the non-adjustable ohlins and the hagons are better and adjustable for rebound and compression-you also can order...
  16. ratlab

    Predator Exhaust without Airbox removal?

    i had the 2-1 arrow and triumph map-when you do the bc airbox and air injection removal power commander and have it dynoed with your own map it wakes this motor up-its not just the power gains its the rideability-i also did tpusa cams but i can roll on in 5th gear at 800 rpm smoothly to redline...
  17. ratlab

    track day preps for the thruxton

    maintenance check your not vibrating things loose and change the oil after track day-power falls off near redline-should be shifting a little before-if you redline every gearshift you should buy a backup engine
  18. ratlab

    hagon shocks

    better than the basic ohlins -not better the than the full boat 1300.00 fully adjustable ones-if your running the thruxton cup races you want those -if your a street rider the hagons are just as good for 300.00 -i use the hagons at track days and they are better than the ohlins i had,but they...
  19. ratlab

    Race Tech emulators

    yes with intiminators-i did the race tech and they are fantastic-you can stiffen or soften the ride on the emulator with how much turn you put on it -i did 2and 1/4 turns because a use it on the track ,but you can use less if you want a plusher ride-you can also play with fork oil weights and...
  20. ratlab

    Whats the disadvantage to an airbox removal kit?

    i just ripped the out the airbox with 2-1 arrow and powercommander and bc map-doesn't run 100% but going to get it dynoed -can tell already has much more snap and is well worth doing
  21. ratlab

    hagon shocks

    i got rid of my unajustable ohlins -ordered 370 mm hagon 2810 unbelievable differemce-talk to sean at british customs-handles like a real bike now-great mod
  22. ratlab

    Race Tech emulators

    i believe i read a thread that they had wheel hopping problems just going down a straight road-i think triumph rat
  23. ratlab

    Predator Exhaust without Airbox removal?

    think about a powercommander v if you really want to dial your mods in then the tank has to come off also-that airbox is gigantic-it really chokes thinks up and the gains are worth it
  24. ratlab

    Leak on new Thruxton SE Please help identify source.

    its chain lube-i had the same thing after riding home after buying bike-the dealer over does it on the chainwax