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    2010 Street Triple

    Wife's Street 3 for sale. 2600 miles. Yep. Only 2600. Triumph comfort seat, extra Seth Laam seat, Triumph adjustable leavers, and Triumph color matched flyscreen. Bike is Diablo Red. Small scuff on left indicator and lower case-she slipped at a stop in the wet. $6995.00 Bike pics...
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    Bonnie with sidecar

    Selling my 09 Bonnie with Indr sidecar. All in great shape-the youngest son is getting too old to ride with dad anymore! 8100 miles. Progressive rear shocks, BC Pred pipes, Triumph Flyscreen, Spencer mod seat, a few minor add-ons, and new rubber. Bike handles the hack just fine...
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    New EFI pipes

    Put British Customs new EFI pipe on the 09 Bonnie (cast wheel) last nite and installed the new tune today. SWEET, it is! Nice deep sound, not too loud but it's there for sure. Stock look, too. They are made for the Triumph Arrows two into two tune and it works perfect. I ran the bike prior...
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    Triumph Platinum dealer's

    Hey-we are so designitated by the Powers That Be. Fancy that. Triumph of Buffalo, NY. That and $1.75 get me coffee!
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    Met some of the members

    Uncle Charlie and Bucky are in the area-got to met them Thursday. very cool guys, they are. Biker did a fine job on the location. The best part is I get to host them all Sat. at my dealer. Gonna fill them up for lunch and have a general good time. Anybody in the area is welcomed to join in...
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    Rocket riders

    Any here except me?
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    Front wore out first

    Noticed a bit of a bobble at 45-40 on decel. so I looked it over. Stock Lazertech down to the wearbars at 7000 miles. Rear looks great so having the front go first-never had that happen in 40 years! New goes on Friday-metezler ME 880 bias ply.
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    Hot right side panal

    Anybody else notice that the right side panal that says "America" gets hot? Done several 150 mile high speed days in the upper 80's and noticed this for the first time. Maybe I've been unaware of it as I always have a big grin on from riding my bike!