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  1. OregonThruxton

    Stumbling at part throttle/low rpms

    Two months ago my ‘04 Thruxton developed a stumbling when pulling away from a stop. After a few weeks of this, it began stumbling at part throttle low RPMs, when low speed cruising. When I open up the throttle to higher RPMs, it would stop stumbling. It idles fine and revs fine in neutral. I...
  2. OregonThruxton

    Works Performance vs Ikon Shocks

    WP Steel Trackers vs Ikon 7610s...opinions?
  3. OregonThruxton

    Friend with CB650 needs your Help!

    Four weeks ago, a friend’s wife, Mindy, told me her husband had been talking about wanting to build a cafe bike as a starter bike, so she decided she was going to get him one for xmas. She found a ‘79 Honda CB 650 Four on craigslist, and asked me if I could take a look at it. It was listed for...
  4. OregonThruxton

    Stand By Me

    Here's a few pics of a 1950 500cc Indian Warriar taken at today's Brownsville "Stand By Me" Cruise In. It's a celebration at the town of Brownsville, Oregon where the movie "Stand By Me" was filmed in '86. ...and my '66 Chevy pickup (with hood ornaments)...
  5. OregonThruxton

    The Hack is Back

    After a 9 month hibernation in the garage, the Hack is Back. And donning a new shoe, powder coated Excel rim and Buchanan spokes. Now that PIR and Cambria have passed, I figure it's time to give the boyeez some ridin time.
  6. OregonThruxton

    Toy Haulin 2

    After a little track time...
  7. OregonThruxton

    Cambria '09

    bout ten of us are leavin for Cambria tomorrow...who's with us?
  8. OregonThruxton

    Cambria '09

    Any NBR's going to Cambria '09? A "new bonneville only" rally, in Cambria, CA. July 30-Aug 3. I'll be there. More info can be found on the NBTF forum. Cheers...
  9. OregonThruxton

  10. OregonThruxton

    Triumph Track Day @ Portland International Speedway - Pics

    It's track time once again. Triumph Days at PIR...July 26th. Time to show who can ride with the big boy's and who's a poser. I'm goin hackless this year.
  11. OregonThruxton

    Kylie went down today

    Well I got that call today...that my GF, Kylie, had crashed on her CL 350 while riding home from work today. She's fine...a bit bruised though...both body and ego. She said that while turning at an intersection, she gave it gas but it bogged down. She gave it more gas then it lurched forward...
  12. OregonThruxton

    Powder Coating = More HP

    Much faster with fresh powder coated rims & hubs, Buchanan heavy duty spokes and skins. New British Customs sprocket Before...
  13. OregonThruxton

    My new "old" toy hauler

    Picked up a '66 Chevy pickup to haul my boy's toy's around (dirtbikes)...and Kylie's...and mine. Has a 327 and 4-speed with a Hurst shifter. Got for a steal. Anybody know where I can get pair of fuzzy dice? ;)
  14. OregonThruxton

    Powder Coating Question

    In a few weeks, I'll be black powder coating my Thruxton rims and hubs. I was wondering if the center of the brake rotors can be powder coated (the gray colored center of the rotor in the attached pic)? Would the high heat of the oven damage the integrity of the rotor?
  15. OregonThruxton

    GF's First Ride

    After 6 months of bringin the old '72 CL350 back to life, and waitin for the skys to clear, Agent Orange, aka Kylie, finally got her first ride in. She was definetly nervous at the outset, but in no time at all, she was sportin a big shit eatin grin. Salute...
  16. OregonThruxton

    F'ing Broken Spoke

    Just discovered that my Thruxton has a broken spoke on the rear. FUCK!!! I haven't ridden it since last weekend's Flying 15 MC Spring Opener Run and noticed it today while washing it. Has anyone switched to Buchannan's beefier spokes? If so, what are the specs of the spokes (i.e. diameter...
  17. OregonThruxton

    Flying 15 Spring Opener Pics

    Met up with Revolt, TheBBR, NWRaindevel and a bunch of other wankers up in Portland for the Flying 15 Spring Opener Poker Run. Even though it was pourin buckets and hailing, I had a f'ing good time. Here's some pics.
  18. OregonThruxton

    PBR sponsored Piggybacks

    To quench that thirst after a long day of knee draggin twisties, just a twist of the canister, and pfsist, a cold deeelicious watered down brew.
  19. OregonThruxton

    My Stable

    Finally got our first warm sunny day here in the PNW (65 deg), so thought I 'd take some pics before the f'ing rain returns. The CL350 is Kylie's (Agent Orange) bike that I've been restoring to it's former glory, for the last 6 months.
  20. OregonThruxton

    Fucking LOUD Horn - Video Clip

    Hated the wimpy ass stock horn so I installed a Stebel Nautilus Compact Air Horn. Mounted it where the airbox use to be. It is FUCKING a Mack truck or the Queen Mary. Here's a short video clip:
  21. OregonThruxton

    Cambria the first weekend of August! Who's with me?
  22. OregonThruxton

    Santa Was Good To MY Boy and GF!!!

    He left my boy a Yammy TTR 125. He was stoked. ...and he painted Kylie's '73 CL350 and helmet. It was a surprise and she was purdy stoked too. We picked it up 4 months ago. It had sat in a barn about ten years and needed a lot of work to get it back on the road. It's original color was...
  23. OregonThruxton

    Cool Cafe Art Video
  24. OregonThruxton

    Kick Ass Pin-up Girl Calendar

    Hey brothers, can you help out some sistas in need? A good friend, Southern Slasher, who is a Roller Derby Girl on on the "Church of Sk8tn" team here in Eugene, has produced a pin-up girl calendar, as a fundraisor for two good causes, a local battered womens shelter and to help cover her...