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  1. Bonafide

    cruzin thru NBR

    Hello everyone. Just cruzin thru the forum. Glad to see it's still kickin! We still have a couple Bonnies in the garage, but life has been consuming with so many other hobbies that we're seldom to ride much any more. Plans for 2017 have us putting miles on bikes more often than 2016 & 2015...
  2. Bonafide

    Family photo

    Not on the Bonnies .. but eh .. still a cool shot. We rode the old Hondas to a local cruise in this past weekend.
  3. Bonafide

    My new ride.

    Heard these finally made it to the US. So I rode down to the most local Honda dealership and spied this one their showroom floor. Mine now. It's niiiice.
  4. Bonafide

    Tuesday was a nice day ..

    So we went for a ride .. but it was a Honda kind of day .. and we did a swing by for the kiddo. You know how popular a kid becomes when she gets picked up from school on a motorcycle? :rockon:
  5. Bonafide

    Moto test ride .. oops

    What a maroon ..
  6. Bonafide

    More CB750s x3 in the garage

    I'll admit it, I have an obsession with these bikes. Maybe cause I hit it out of the park with the first one I owned. I havent been keeping a journal of my moto exploits this year - but I probably should. So, here's what's been happening. I picked up this dark blue (crappy repaint) one in...
  7. Bonafide

    BMW motorcyles cures erectile disfunction!!

    Well .. not really, but this news story is a WTF in my opinion!?!? Really - this is news to people? Hello!?!? I get a hard on every time I ride a Triumph. When did this become new news?
  8. Bonafide

    Drag Racing Bike edition phone app

    Coming sooooon! I'm Excited!! I'm down right addicted to the car version (Drag Racing) phone app. Apparently so is a bunch more people - 42 million downloads.
  9. Bonafide

    Just noticed ..

    The NBR is about to top 4,000 registered users. Who'd a thunk it? :headbang2:
  10. Bonafide

    Moto trip 2011

    Did my annual 'man ride' with my pals from school days. 5 days - 4 nights .. which was actually about a 10 day riding excursion for me. For some reason, I just didnt pull the camera out and snap a lot of pics .. as it was all about the ride, not the destination. Wonderful roads. Spent an entire...
  11. Bonafide

    Handbuilt from the ground up

    Been out riding the Southeast for the past couple weeks. Ran across this old guy on the Cherohala Skyway. Said he built it from the ground up. Made his own frame .. blah blah .. you get the picture. What cracked me up the most ... that engine. It's a 35hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard. Video .. link
  12. Bonafide

    The Classifieds

    Hey everyone .. I've had a couple inquiries about what happened to them so let me put everyone at ease. I manually purged the threads. If you have something to sell .. by all means post it up.
  13. Bonafide

    Hover Bike?

    Nuts!! ... cool ... but nuts! It made me want to quote the jingle ad for GI Joe toys; "Geee ... Iiiii ... Joooooe!!"
  14. Bonafide

    interesting Scrambler spotted

    Forgot the owner's name - he even offered me to 'take it for a ride' - but thought I'd share this cool looking Scram ...
  15. Bonafide

    My new Triumph!

    Not leaving the Bonneville world completely yall but I am one Bonneville-less today. Sold my 2006 Bonneville that I cafe'd the piss out of ... so long gorgeous, we had some good times. However, we still have GF's Bonnie Black and my Blue/White T100 in the garage. Here's the replacement ... my...
  16. Bonafide

    On TV tonight

    Long Way Round is on cable TV tonight. the channel is "Current TV". Gonna hold my opinion on this one. Nothing else on TV - so what the hell.
  17. Bonafide

    The Mini Bike cRaZiEs

    So I had a friend restore an old skool Ruttman mini bike for GF. It was suppose to be her birthday present in December, but it was delivered to us in October. Since then, I've gotten a wee bit bitten by the mini-bike crazies. I just finished putting together my own hard frame old skool style...
  18. Bonafide

    GF gets herself a new bike (pics)

    GF gots herself a new bike. The frame is vintage 60s but has a new 6.5hp (Honda knock off) motor - which has been warmed over a bit. Probably making 7.5-8hp Top speed is approx 40 mph - which is scary as hell. I tell GF, 'be careful with the brake and dont be snatchin on it - it's grabby'. She...
  19. Bonafide

    Vintage Days @ Barber 2010

    Me, GF, Thrux-ton-up, and Sanjuro rode over Saturday morning to Barbers. As fun and exciting as this event is, we saw some coool bikes/etc, had some good times, and mullet hunting was in prime season ... our group did have it's share of woes. Sanjuro's bike lost it's tag bracket somewhere...
  20. Bonafide

    Triumph Demo Days - Kennesaw, Ga

    Spent the past couple days helping out as a demo ride leader at the local dealership, Freedom Powersports. Pretty cool. Got to ride just about every bike Triumph has in their current line up. Only ones I missed were the Rocket III and the Tiger. That's cause they were always booked by folks...
  21. Bonafide

    Out on a ride-a-bout

    Been on the road since Thursday morning - met up with friends in Ducktown, Tn and we've just been riding with no destination in mind. Started in GA, into TN, over to NC, up to VA, back in TN tonight and headed into KY at first light. Seen a couple Bonnies and even 2 Thruxtons on the road. Meet a...
  22. Bonafide

    GF gets herself a new Truck

    Well .. not really *new* - but it's new to her. This is going to be her semi-daily driver. It's a 1954 F100. Pretty original truck. About the only things that appear changed are the engine/tranny (302ci w/AOD), the wheels/tires, and steering column.
  23. Bonafide

    car cruisin

    hit a local cruise in today. hot as hell - but still a good turn out. the drive home in the cooler temps was nice. here's some pics of my favs that showed up.
  24. Bonafide

    Met Mark Kennedy last night ..

    Who? Exactly ... Mark is the CEO of Triumph USA. He came to the local RAT Pack meeting last night and did a quick Q&A. Afterward, we rode down to the local Taco Mac for some dinner and he picked up the tab. A huge thunderstorm rolled thru just before the meeting started ... which kinda...