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  1. B06Tang

    Giving Credit When It's Not Due

    I was just on the Triumph website looking to order a nice birthday present for myself. I had the two items that I wanted in the virtual shopping basket: a nice chrome cam cover to add more bling to my creamsicle and a fairly decent set of gloves on clearance for only $20. Pretty good score. Then...
  2. B06Tang

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas NBR! My first one as a civilian in 22 years and it feels gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood :D Mrs. Tang should get a ticket at the amount of food there is being made in one house!!! Oh well...I aint complaining!!! I hope everyone is having just as good of a day as...
  3. B06Tang

    Thinking of Going Green

    I comes the ass chewings!! Seriously though, the creamsicle is a keeper and isn't going anywhere. But I am giving serious thought about picking up a 2014 Kawasaki Versys. I have a job in Kansas City now and looking at a pretty long commute until we buy a house this summer. So I am...
  4. B06Tang

    Don't Use the Wife's Good Pot to Boil a Chain

    The title of this thread says it all... Don't do it as there is no good answer regardless of your rationale... There will not be a video of cleaning, maintaining and conditioning your chain as production was abruptly ended... :loser::kick::attn:
  5. B06Tang

    Back in the Saddle

    A little something I threw up on the youtube page. It's been a while and was really great heading out. Went into southern part of Missouri and rode over the Truman finger lakes...a lot of pretty country and a lot of empty roads! :D...
  6. B06Tang

    Against the Law to Feed Someone

    For years I have been donated to the "Feed the Children" organization. I guess everyone has a soapbox they like to climb upon and my is a child going hungry. Perhaps due to personal experiences in my younger days or whatever else but I know what it was like to go hungry and a child going hungry...
  7. B06Tang

    Let's go royals!!!!!!

    29 years in the making and this young team is playing with a hunger!!!! What a welcoming present I am getting right now! Missouri is pretty awesome on how they treat veterans and discount prices at Kaufman makes going to a game for about the same price as going to a minor-league game. I am...
  8. B06Tang

    Ethanol Concerns

    Alright fellas..... 21 years since living in the states and my first Bonnie concern is the ethanol fuel. I did find two stations that have pure gas but they are 10 minutes up the road. I imagine that I can use them 90% of the time but frankly there will be times when I do not have a choice...
  9. B06Tang

    Been Quiet for a While

    Greetings once again NBR! I know I have been off the radar for a while now...a lot has happened. The Tangs left Misawa, Japan at the very end of June and spent time with family in Missouri. This was the first time they got to visit with the boys and see Mrs Tang since the whole ordeal began. It...
  10. B06Tang

    Time for a Tang Rant

    :mad2::kick: It SHOULD be set in stone that a Meriden logo Triumph should never be put on a Hinckley Trumpet. I equate doing this as same as someone gluing a fake kick starter to a side panel on a Hinckley. Bad...very very very very very bad. For shame. :chair::hurt: Rant over
  11. B06Tang

    Sayonara Nihon!

    14 years I have spent in this country. 21 years in total overseas and now I'm heading back. All my possessions are on a slow boat across the Pacific to include my creamsicle. That Tang's are excited to get back home and start developing roots. Our nomad days are over and there is family that...
  12. B06Tang

    The Trip to Sendai

    My time in Japan is quickly winding down. Most of you already know this from my whining post I started about not being able bring my '07 with me. I will miss these rides here. I will miss this country that has done so much for me for so long. I have spent close to half my life in this country...
  13. B06Tang

    Oirase Gorge & Lake Towada

    The rides are wrapping up quickly for me here in Japan. This was done a couple weeks back to get some nice pictures of the bike with the boys in front of the lake. Towada is the third biggest lake in Japan and the area is gorgeous. Beautiful scenery and crooked roads to ride all day long. I hope...
  14. B06Tang

    I've Had it With Govt Bullshit!

    :mad2::rocket:Time for my rant! :mad2::rocket: I'm getting ready to move here very shortly and finally heading back stateside. I have two Bonnies...the Creamsicle that is an American spec'd Triumph brought with me from England to here. That bike will pack up in my household goods no problems...
  15. B06Tang

    Go Hawks!

    Seeing that I have Clinton McDonald's little brother as one of my troops in the shop here...our flight is pooling together and rooting for Seattle! I hope they can hear us from this side of the Pacific...GO HAWKS...
  16. B06Tang

    Calling All NH Rearset Users!

    I just picked up some used NH rearsets thanks to LMT and would appreciate if anyone of you fine gentlemen & scholars could hook me up of with a few detailed photos of your rearsets and how they are connected up to the bike especially on the rear brake side. The more the details/angles the...
  17. B06Tang

    Happy Thanksgiving NBR!

    I know there are more than just American members here at this forum but I'm thankful you guys are here so're included in this holiday too so this is for everyone!:finger: Last February my nightmare begin and I used this forum as a source to share and vent. From that my family has...
  18. B06Tang

    Sea of Japan

    I was able to sneak in a ride yesterday which was a bonus! I haven't been able to get too many of these in this season. A pretty bitter sweet ride considering everything and that this could possibly be my last ride in Japan. If mother nature doesn't play nice, then I won't be riding next season...
  19. B06Tang

    Leave Her Sister Alone

    She will shoot your Triumph!
  20. B06Tang

    Sidecar Opinion Survey

    Things are moving along nicely in the Tang household and now it is getting close to make good on what I told the little lady I would do. I am going with the "canoe" style sidecar which will go on this bike: Naturally the sidecar is going to match up with the most glorious and most...
  21. B06Tang


    I'm not sure if I am going to get swatted with the wooden ruler and sent to the corner but look up the web address to scottoiler (or just put that .com) and put in your make, model and year. On checkout put DELBOY13 and get a 13% discount on what you buy. I am taking advantage of this to get one...
  22. B06Tang

    Nitro Bonnie

    I didn't realize Knievel attempted doing this to one of his TTs for the canyon jump. Holy shit! Can you imagine if he actually went ahead and tried this one?! Pretty cool story.
  23. B06Tang

    Epic Journy & Back by Dinner!

    It has been a while since I have done one of my well known write-ups. A lot has happened since my last tales of a weekend journey on two wheels in a foreign country. The writing AND the riding have both kind of been put to the curb due to recent events. A lot of reflection has happened...a lot...
  24. B06Tang

    Japanese Biker Cops (Or a New CB Thread)

    The local town had a police exhibition at the aero museum( Misawa Air Base is also the name of the city because of the first trans-pacific flight from Seattle, WA to Misawa, Japan). My son's school gave a performance that was awesome! A group of four and five year old doing a full ensemble with...