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  1. hankmarx

    2004 Bonneville Black

    2004 Bonneville Black 26,500 miles Predator pipes, rejetted carbs, pod air filters, New Bonneville blinkers and tail light. Icon rear suspension, progressive springs in the forks, all original parts come with. I am the second owner, I bought it with 4000 miles in 2007. I will...
  2. hankmarx

    My Bike got Bumped

    I was at a wake this afternoon, a friend came over and asked if that was my Triumph in front, and then said someone had knocked it over. I go out and several teamsters are picking it up. Broken right foot peg, crg mirror snapped, road rash on the brake lever, dent in the predator. A guy...
  3. hankmarx

    Surfboards on Motorcycles

    Here is a website I was perusing; I would love to be able to take a surfboard to the coast from Austin [3 hours]. Has anyone used something like this? It looks like low speed only to me. Maybe someone with more computer skills can post the pic of a Bonnie with...
  4. hankmarx

    75 Norton in the Works

    Here are some photos of the money pit.
  5. hankmarx

    1975 Norton

    I bought an old Norton last night, no title , no key, bad seat, no side panels, fibreglass tank, it looks beat. It may be the coolest thing I have ever seen. I am not a great mechanic. I am not even a good mechanic. I think i am in over my head but i am damn excited. Here is the...
  6. hankmarx

    400+ Mile Day

    I have been working 60 hour weeks, not much time for anything. I had yesterday off to rest and when I got up this morning i was ready for a ride. I did a big loop of the Texas Hill Country. The ride the locals call ''The Three Sisters''. Saw a ton of bikes, the wildflowers were going...
  7. hankmarx

    I get to keep my bike.

    It is common for me to work 4 months , have a month off, work another 5 months, have 3 weeks off. but this has been ridiculous. I have been unemployed since last November. I had planned to go to the Salt Flats here at the end of the month, and then sell my bike. Well, I don't get to go to...
  8. hankmarx

    My Bonnie is a Star!

    I work in the film industry, in the art dept. One of the first things you learn is don't use your own stuff,or it might be "altered" in an effort to get the shot. I got a phone call last night from an art director friend of mine who needed a bike today for a shot. The Harley they had lined up...
  9. hankmarx

    NBR Run?

    Is there ever going to be a NBR Run? I would like to see it at the Bonneville Salt Flats during Bike Week in late August. The Florida keys would be nice. Some nice,tall, town in Colorado, perhaps? Is anybody interested in something like this? Maybe we all just show up at Buds in October.:wazzup:
  10. hankmarx

    Headlight Shell

    I wanted to powder coat my headlight shell, but money is scarce. For less than $20 I spray bombed it. First washed the bucket with soap and water, then sanded with 200. Used self etching primer, 3 thin coats, wet sanded with 800, painted 3 thin coats, wet sanded 800, 3 thin coats of...
  11. hankmarx

    Rear reflector removal

    Took the reflector off, with some of the fender. The thin metal cuts like butter with a jigsaw. A little sanding, touch it up with a paint pen, wallah!
  12. hankmarx


    I love to ride my bike, I should clean it more often, and go over it more often, but on the whole i just like to ride. So i have been having this ''chuffing" noise, i thought I just needed some rtv and i didn't even really look at it. I knew I couldn't ride for 24 hours after I did it, so i...
  13. hankmarx


    Have any of Ya'll took your bike over the border into old Mexico? Don't we have a member or two in northern Mexico? I think I feel a Mex trip coming on...:rocks:
  14. hankmarx

    Longest Day

    Someone recently asked about the touring ability of the Bonneville. It is not a touring bike per se,but I am sure quite a few of us have had long days in the sadddle. Bone stock I did a bunch of 500 mile days, and after I changed my springs and forks have had a few 600 and a 700 mile day...
  15. hankmarx

    Mileage on a Bonnie?

    Does anyone on this site have more than 50,000 miles on their bike? I thought when I bought my bike with only 4 K that I would have it rebuilt with the 904 kit at 20,000 miles. Now that I am at 17.5 I am rethinking it. At what mileage would Ya'll rebuild?
  16. hankmarx

    Hill Country loop

    I went for a ride yesterday, did about 450 miles out South West of Austin, Texas. I rode the small roads as much as possible, and did a lot of river crossings, I saw some unusual animals, I had a great time with some hilly curvy roads, :pd2:I got my first speeding ticket on the way...
  17. hankmarx

    Bonneville Salt Flats

    Is anyone going to Motorcycle Speed Week this year? It's coming right up at the end of the month. Last year was my first time, and it was a blast. What's more natural than taking a Bonneville to Bonneville.
  18. hankmarx

    3 Sisters , Kerrville Texas

    18th, 19th, and 20th of July Howdy Triumph people, all are invited to ride the three sisters (RR 337,336,and 335) on the edge of the hill Country of Texas, Roll with such nefarious riders as Innominate, Duckmann, SHRuuuM, Sweatmachine, Roaddog, bornagain, scgtstuff, ervdrvr1, fastbike, and...
  19. hankmarx

    The more the merrier

    What's up Ya'll, I'm just catching on there is a new site, Thanks for the heads up Hedge, damn glad there is somewhere else to go.