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    British customs mini reverse cone exhaust

    +1 ... that looks so much better than the originals.
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    Anyone taken a long road trip on their Bonnie

    wasn't there someone who rode round the world on a scrambler? Also Ted Simon managed OK on his Meriden Tiger, a modern Bonneville is a much better bet than that! I see no reason why not. You need to sort some luggage carrying capacity, a screen (maybe), better rear shocks with more travel...
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    150/70-17 Tires/Tyres for 07 Bonnie Rear OEM Rims

    copied from Avon's website ... Distanzia AM44(rear), 140/80R17, 69H, rec rim 3.50", rim min/max 3.50/3.75" Distanzia AM44(rear), 150/70R17, 69H, rec rim 4.25", rim min/max 4.00/4.50" I chose Distanzia as an example 'cos I've seen recommendations for this...
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    150/70-17 Tires/Tyres for 07 Bonnie Rear OEM Rims

    what version on Bonnie do you have Holdena? you must make sure you have bias & radial tyres correctly mixed. front & rear both bias or both radial is OK. if they are mixed it must be front bias and rear radial. The mag wheel bonnie is radial front and rear, so changing the rear to bias is a...