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    Scrambler Bliss!

    Congrats Homefront, I agree with you 100% on the Scrambler Fun Factor. I sold mine about a month ago (needed quick cash) and I'm already starting to look for another.
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    Ton Up Spirit Magazine Free Online

    Thanks Sal, great stuff!
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    New to Forum - North Georgia

    Thanks for all the hospitality - This is a great forum!
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    Burton Bike Bits Cafe Racer Seat

    I just received this today! I had seen it last week on BBB's web site as it was just released, had not even seen one mounted until I put mine on. I think it's The Business! Danny with Burton Bike Bits sent me daily emails keeping me informed of the shipping and customs status all the way up...
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    Predator Exhaust without Airbox removal?

    Hey Scrib, Any updates on your ARK? I'm in the middle of a DIY ARK and am having second thoughts that I should have gone with the kit.
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    Hedge's World Famous 8-Ball Choke Pull

    Another Satisfied Customer: Thanks John, I was so happy to receive this part that I went out to the garage during a Tornado Warning and installed it; the tornado was kept away from my house due to the powers of the 8 Ball!
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    interesting Scrambler spotted

    Bud, I saw that Scrambler as well, did you happen to get any info from the owner as to how well his air intake/filter mod works? I wanted to ask him about it but he left before I got a chance.
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    Hedge's World Famous 8-Ball Choke Pull

    Hey John, Just sent you PayPal for the 8 Ball Choke Knob - I hope the $15 goes to a good use! Thanks, David (I can't PM yet on this forum)
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    New to Forum - North Georgia

    Thanks Greg! It was a pleasure meeting you. I had a blast today - that was a fantastic ride! I can see doing that exact route every other Saturday or Sunday. Let me know what your plans are for Maggie Valley and enjoy the Masters.
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    New to Forum - North Georgia

    Good Afternoon, I'm David, I live in the Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Cumming area of North GA; which is just a bit North of Atlanta. I can't believe I just found out about this forum at a Triumph Demo event yesterday in Kennesaw. I'm an active member of a couple of the "other" forums (same...