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    McQueen pedestrian slicer

    Whoa ... very nice! I'm all over it! Thanks, GySchmit, I'm ordering one!
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    Very nice!
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    Steve McQueen Bonny on Fleabay

    I see someone has listed a new McQueen Bonneville on Ebay.( I searched high and low before finding mine (#435 out of 1,100), and there aren't any left. This could be a great...
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    How many miles do you have on your bike?

    I'm embarrassed to report that, no, it was actually over three days. But by way of an explanation, I keep seven insured and registered bikes (New York State needs the money!); in fact, I'm just returning from a trip to Sturgis with my Dyna (37,000 miles). The Honda Magna has 32,000; three Honda...
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    Great product! I use mine every time I wash a bike or clean a chain. It's also available from Harbor Fright---I paid 18 bucks for mine. (And yes, I mean "fright," 'cause some of the stuff at Harbor Freight is downright scary!)
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    How many miles do you have on your bike?

    2013 Steve McQueen ... 36 miles.
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    McQueen pedestrian slicer

    Finally lettered and installed my "no-drill plate," a.k.a. pedestrian slicer, available from Newbonneville. Exceptionally well-designed and manufactured I might add. It came powder coated in black gloss, so I only had to apply a frisket film mask and spray on the white. Thanks to the "no-drill"...
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    Triumph Steve McQueen SE T100

    Yes, I have one as well, and I put about 25 miles on it so far. It's number 455, I think. Already I'm getting a bit of blueing of the pipes. Please tell me more about removing the air injectors. How is this done? Thanks!
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    Happy Father's Day to me!

    Ha! Thank you! Speaking of the King of Cool, when I registered the bike I paid a few bucks extra for a personalized license plate that reads "HILTS," as in Virgil Hilts, the irreverent POW played by Steve McQueen in The Great Escape. I should have it in the mail any day now. Thank you for...
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    cross country..

    My recipe ... Read "Blue Highways" by William Least Heat Moon, and "Travels with Charley" by Steinbeck. Avoid Interstates; avoid state capitols with the exception of Helena, Montana, which is beautiful; avoid fast-food, choosing instead mom and pop restaurants. Travel alone, camping out...
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    Jacket opinions (Stocton or Rivton)

    Sure don't want to hijack a thread here, but since we're talking motorcycle jackets, does anybody have any opinions about the Roland Sands Hesher jacket? I realize RS stuff is kinda pricey, but this jacket seems to be an exception at $170.00. Of course, it's not leather, but it looks pretty...
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    Happy Father's Day to me!

    Okay, so I've learned a few things already in only 2 responses: These are called "trumpets," eh? (I like being up on the lingo); and, Irishrider60 knows his dealerships! Yes, I made the trek from Middletown, New York, to pick up the McQueen in at Libby's in New Haven. My buddy is going even...
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    Jacket opinions (Stocton or Rivton)

    Can't argue with some of the choices mentioned, but if you're spending upwards of a few hundred bucks for leathers, you owe it to yourself to check out these folks: . Quality and customer service is nothing short of stellar.
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    Happy Father's Day to me!

    Well, maybe not Father's Day, because that wasn't even on my mind when I plunked down my deposit about 5 months ago for a 2012 Triumph Steve McQueen that I picked up this weekend: I'm generally a Honda/Harley guy, but when an ad for the McQueen caught my eye as I thumbed through a copy of...