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  1. Beaman

    Dart Marlin and Layflat Bracket

    Hi all - has anybody fit a Dart Marlin with a D9-like layflat bracket? Thoughts? Pictures? Thanks!
  2. Beaman

    BC Sleepers exhaust

    Yep - but you'll get more out of it if you amend or remove the air box and plug the ai...
  3. Beaman

    BC Sleepers exhaust

    I have sleepers with a NARK and O2 sensors removed. Not sure which map was used, but they sound damn sweet.
  4. Beaman

    Dart Question

    Hi all - I used to have a National Cycle Flyscreen on my old Bonnie and it pushed my headlight up no matter what I did. How is the Dart in this department? I don't want to go any bigger than a flyscreen. If MAS was still making those aluminum ones I would go that route. Thanks for your advice.
  5. Beaman

    Hedge's World Famous 8-Ball Choke Pull

    Still at it, Hedge?
  6. Beaman

    Clocks 4 Bikes

    I agree, Ross and Linda are great. I am about to buy my third gauge from them.
  7. Beaman


    I hear ya, Fender. I got two days in and spoiled the hell out of myself. Team Triumph really is top notch!
  8. Beaman


    Hi all, Beaman here. I used to be a lot more active on this forum when I was riding an '08 Bonnie. Since then, I have owned a T-bird and Street Triple R. I just couldn't shake the Bonnie bug though and now own Gypsy, a build by Team Triumph (Janesville, WI). Here's a description of the bike via...
  9. Beaman

    The Day The Music Dird

  10. Beaman

    '08 Bonnie Wiring Help Needed

    Thanks 2 Monkeys, I basically did what you described. The solid black is actually another single silver tab. Lesson learned about trusting diagrams and not labeling wires like I usually do. Thanks again for your help! It's all working and my D9 bracket looks awesome.
  11. Beaman

    '08 Bonnie Wiring Help Needed

    Thanks, 2monkeys. That would've been great if I could've done that ahead of time. I didn't realize that Haynes doesn't show the silver tabs on the black wires. If I can figure out what the black wires looked like for the alarm, I am set. The harness connector is useless for figuring this out...
  12. Beaman

    '08 Bonnie Wiring Help Needed

    I have spent a couple of days trying to get the wiring right on a Mike's XS Mini Speedo on my '08 Bonnie. I have poured over several diagrams to no avail. The problem is that the wiring colors must have changed. I have a Haynes that goes up to '07 and that didn't help. If somebody could...
  13. Beaman

    Pirelli calendar...NSFW

  14. Beaman

    How to use an apostrophe

    *punctuation, well said otherwise!
  15. Beaman

    last ride for a while

    Good luck with the recovery!
  16. Beaman

    Home Protection...what do you use?

    Living in a good neighborhood and having two dogs that bark at everybody that touches our yard.
  17. Beaman

    jiggle physics - NSFWish

    Reminds me of a girl in high school whose boobs bounced independently when she jogged. Truly a blessing.
  18. Beaman

    seat question?

    I second that!
  19. Beaman

    I'm a Dad!

    Congratulations! The tiredness never goes away.
  20. Beaman

    Lost weight new rider

    Good for you! I have been hitting the gym hard and the weight is staying. A lot more muscle, but I guess I got to work on the diet now too.
  21. Beaman

    Sharer Cycle Center?

    Sharer was selling Triumphs when they were coming from Meriden. And they say the Recession is over.
  22. Beaman

    Sharer Cycle Center?

    Just got word that this Dealer is done with Triumph. I am totally bummed. Team Triumph in Janesville is great, but will be a drive.
  23. Beaman

    look at this abortion of a bike

    The fringes really make it special.