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    sad day that I never thought I would see happen

    I cannot express how pissed I am. I did a thread about 12 months ago titled you never know writing about how I rode my bike to work for one last time on a beautiful Autumn Saturday morning and then Suffered a seizure 3 hours later after arrival. I then went up to the local hospital which picked...
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    Fractured Radial Head from bicycle accident

    May be Training wheels until you are use to the booties, don't worry I did the same thing on my motor bike but I fell right and over the centre line (Oztraillior) so lucky for me there was no on coming traffic old mate behind me me had to come and lift the bike off of me because I could not get...
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    I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD

    Huge compliments Blues on a job well done with a well balance of colour without going insane and keeping the bike to the nature and era of what they have been reproduced to represent. beautiful colour I was sold on the tux scheme but now I have been converted two thumbs up.
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    Family photo

    That is so cool, and is the picture of what motorcycling is all about.
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    Wide Thruxton Rear Wheels

    Ring Ash's spoked wheels, in Brisbane 07 3262 1598 mob 0422 169 050. He will answer all of your questions in regards to handling pro's and con's etc. I have used him several times and cannot fault the business,he may also be able to assist with postage
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    Bonnie's Facelift

    When putting covers and gaskets on always when possible (a straight line fit use guide pins, go to a bolt shop and buy some bolts the same size and thread pitch as the cover bolts but about 6-8 inches in length, the length can be cut if needed and cut the heads off grinding on a slight taper...
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    Bonnie's Facelift

    I think I would be investing in a 3x3 aluminium shed that you get in kit form and throw it up. I buy second hand ones for about $80 to store parts, one is set up as a painting shed but that size would be just enough to work on your bike and include a bench and the beauty of it is you can off...
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    Bonnie's Facelift

    I had slippage between 4th and 5th, checked out the clutches and found very little wear to the disc or plates (measuring everything with a micrometer) but I had already bought a Barnett performance kit so I thought bugger it I will fit it. Slippage was gone from the 4th to 5th but I had this...
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    Bonnie's Facelift

    Why are you changing the clutches??
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    Bonnie's Facelift

    What you have done looks fantastic isn't polishing alloy the hard way fun, and I say that with a sarcastic tone. I did up a 1988 Honda CR250 polishing every bit of alloy on that bike and twenty years of being treated as a motocross bike had not been kind to any of it. At one stage I basically...
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    [email protected]

    I loved the simpson version of soccer/football with the difference in the commentating of Europeans and the Americans
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    Awesome Triumph Book

    Your mother in law gave you this??? all mine gives me is the shits....boom ting......thank you Archie
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    This is fucked up

    Fuck 15 that sucks I am 48 and also had a brain tumour removed last year November 14th what originally was thought to be benign turned out to be malignant and I had only just thought to myself today a bit more time would be good but after reading your thread Jimmy I am now really appreciative as...
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    Bar Ends - best mounting position?

    I think you had better speed up because that house is gaininig on you
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    Bar Ends - best mounting position?

    you beat me to it
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    Flat battery

    Anything in Australia with Triumph stamped on it is an obscene amount of money. Everybody is quick to write the batteries off if there is a starting issue but if kept charged or ridden regularly they last for some time. My 05 and 06 batteries are still going well. which reminds me I should go...
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    Finally got my tank done

    Looks cool I like the coloured covers, be careful not to over do it, as mentioned the headlight bucket may be something to consider blacking out, let the ideas come slowly and don't force them. Give the gaiters a go I was never a big fan then one day I thought I had to have them and I really...
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    Craigslist or ?

    If you have a day to waste sit down and have a read of how these guys scam the scammers some very funny reading and pictures (Dumb fuckers)
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    Someone to Lean On

    Hi Matt, My Mate has just sent me another email that may be of some help Lee, I have also heard of someone else using this with great success, Here is what they do - Add 1/4 glass of warm water, Then add 1/2 a shooter glass of Apple Cider Vinegar, Then 1 full desert spoon of Manuka Honey...
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    Someone to Lean On

    Hi B06Tang, This is something that a Mate forwarded on to me that may interest yourself and your wife. It makes for some interesting reading but I myself am not looking too deeply into it at this point in time,trying to avoid any of the fruit loop rantings that clog the internet in regards to...
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    Aha - now I get the tank size thing...

    I get 180 Klm from my 05 Thruxton and 212 Klm on my 06 bonnie before hitting reserve. Both engines have exactly the same mods??
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    You know you are a biker when...

    It missed shedding a tear when trying to decide which bike to get rid of to make room for another and wanting to contact the new owner a few months down the track to talk to them about the bike (Basically interrogate them to see if they are looking after it and keeping up with the servicing...
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    66 TT Can you pick one??

    Cheers on the information. I don't think it is a TT I am just assuming it it was he would have to know what he had.
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    66 TT Can you pick one??

    This is to pick the brains of all of you guys involved with the 60's model Triumphs, particularly the TT model which we didn't get in Australia. There is a guy with a 66 Bonnie for sale that has aluminium fenders, white tank with orange stripe down the middle (Like the TT) and correct 66 Tank...