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  1. aleonet100

    Won't start - looking for ideas

    Pickup coil is officially dead. Not a cheap dealer fix. The bike has been truly problem free up to this point. Hope it's not a sign of things to come.
  2. aleonet100

    Won't start - looking for ideas

    Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully that's all it is. Went back and checked all the connections I could reach and pulled all the fuses one by one. All looked good. To pull the cover myself or get it to the dealer? That is the question.
  3. aleonet100

    Won't start - looking for ideas

    2005 T100, 20 something thousand miles on it. It's been a tank with absolutely no issues until yesterday. It would turn over but not fire. Put it on the trickle charger until completely charged, no luck, same thing until battery was dead. It was the original battery so I figured it may have...
  4. aleonet100

    D&D Silencers

  5. aleonet100

    D&D Silencers

    This is the sprocket. Now stop worrying about the sprocket and buy the pipes! :-)
  6. aleonet100

    D&D Silencers

    Far sale is this pair of D&D reverse cone silencers. They have about 19,000 miles on them. As you can see from the photos I’ve not hidden any of the warts. There are no dents on either of them but the left side has some surface pitting of the chrome, particularly around the hanger and along...
  7. aleonet100

    The sound of 67'

    Boast away. It's such a blast when you get the old bikes running well. A completely different riding experience.
  8. aleonet100

    The sound of 67'

    So many people, myself included, want to get their new Bonnevilles to sound like and old Bonneville. Well, if you wanted something to match the sound to, this is how it sounded in 1967. Just a quick and dirty video while the bike is tuned well. All original stock with a few grinding gears...
  9. aleonet100

    Givi Bonneville Windscreen

    Givi Bonneville Windscreen I had this on the bike for a couple years but decided it's just not for me. It's in very good condition with a couple season worth of minimal bug splatter marks. Wind still hits you in the head/face but it does cut down on the wind blast to the chest. $60.00...
  10. aleonet100

    Whispers in the Dark

    This new Mumford and Sons video was shot in Camden during their recent shows there. The Bonneville Marcus is riding was provided by my local Triumph dealer, Martin Motorsports. His co-riders are dealer employees. They have the bike in their showroom. The tank is signed by all the band...
  11. aleonet100

    I want this front end.

    Yes it is. Sorry, never looked at the price, just the chrome.
  12. aleonet100

    I want this front end.

    My local Triumph dealer did some very tasteful customization to a 110th anniversary Bonneville. The chromed forks look awesome.:up:
  13. aleonet100

    Modern Classics Show

    Modern Classics Show Always a good collection if you're in the south-eastern PA area.
  14. aleonet100

    Shark Evoline Helmet

    Shark Evoline 2 Just picked one up today for a ridiculous clearance price to replace a five year old Nolan. As safe as full-face helmets are I couldn’t wear them. I get crazy claustrophobic in them so have always gone for three quarter, open face helmets. This convertible full face is the...
  15. aleonet100

    Scramble me

    Almost makes me want to get one. Scramble me with Ernie Vigil.
  16. aleonet100

    Soul crushing ball and chain...

    Can we officially start using SCBC like we would LMAO, GF, WTF, etc.?
  17. aleonet100

    D&D pipes

    Here’s a video I made a while back highlighting the sound of the D&D’s on my T100. The recording was made after I repacked them with Silent Sport Premium packing. Mellowed them out nicely. Not quite as raspy as the original packing. Recently had my bike next to a T100 with BC Preds and there...
  18. aleonet100

    To the Gates of Hell!!!

    Where's the like/thumbs up button? Good stuff!
  19. aleonet100

    Firstgear Heated gloves

    :banana: Oh yeah. :banana:
  20. aleonet100


    Big thumbs up. A product that works as advertised. Didn't feel like spending $250.00 on a center stand just to oil my chain or wash the wheel. Place it in front of the rear wheel and push the bike onto it. You can then spin the wheel without moving the bike. About $50.00. :up:
  21. aleonet100

    Best Aftermarket Shocks For T100

    My experience with new Progressive Springs...Still very happy.
  22. aleonet100

    Bonneville loves the fog?

    All kidding aside regarding English weather, why does the bike run so great in cool, damp air? It always runs well but I’ve had a run of cool, foggy mornings here in PA and there is a noticeable difference in performance between the morning ride in and the warmer afternoon ride home. It...
  23. aleonet100

    I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD

    Before and after bars Finally have new bars on the 67’. SO much better. I think they look great and make the bike feel about 100% more confident in a turn. Never liked the cruising position of the old original bars. Much prefer leaning on the bar, really pressing down to make the turn...
  24. aleonet100

    Babes On Bikes *NSFW*

    For BlueJ A slightly modified version...