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  1. Lobo

    FS: Oberon Race Foot Pegs

    For a Bonnie ?
  2. Lobo

    Ignition sensor, part T1290131 (from 06 Bonneville)

    still got that ?
  3. Lobo


    nicely done
  4. Lobo

    Cleaning out garage #2

    pm sent on the bags
  5. Lobo

    Garage clean out mostly T100

    looking for a front disk... got one in good shape ?
  6. Lobo

    Little wing sprocket cover

    Now that has to be the best one I have seen out there. The lines match nice with the fins.
  7. Lobo

    Official "Bonneville Seat" thread

    Corbin Gunfighter seat guys Do you find the seat slick and slide around abit ? Does the backend line up with the frame holes so you dont need to push it down to align ?
  8. Lobo

    New (to me )1995 Thunderbird

    Great looking bike ! They seem to hold there value as well
  9. Lobo

    How to: change oil and check tire pressures

    That is great stuff 2dogs and a really nice looking Thrux. Tip - If you cannot get a washer put the old one on your stove hot plate a get really hot and then let it cool down, this softens the alloy/copper up again for another go. Great tip... since I don't have a hotplate and if I am...
  10. Lobo

    BiLT Trackstar Boot Review...

    I read a favorable review in Rider on those. Looks like they went down in price.
  11. Lobo

    What is wrong with this bike

    That is just wrong and I am sure dangerous. Someone already asked him the question about the Forks and Disk and he still says it's right. I just sent him another question asking if he found some kinda of brake upgrade by mounting it wrong. Edit : Just saw this : On Jun-09-11 at 20:33:57 PDT...
  12. Lobo

    K Y B shocks

    Thanks RumRunner... I have followed a few post's on T-Rat. Also found I would not be able to use my MC Resources rails because of the piggyback. I guess I should start a thread on rebuilding Ikon shocks.
  13. Lobo

    K Y B shocks

    Anyone using these on a Bonnie ? Have a friend that has offered a set for a fair price. I have a set of Ikon 7610's that are blowing oil.
  14. Lobo

    New bonnie tire pressure?

    and check least twice a month. mine will drop a few lbs depending on the weather.
  15. Lobo

    Cam Holder Bolts - HELP

    No they are not reverse thread. I busted a brand new Torx as well. Try the impact driver or see if you can get a socket over it. Check this out..
  16. Lobo

    Lobo likey...

    I am located in Pleasanton. I rode over to Bodega Bay yesterday and down 1 into Marin. Stopped and had BBQ'd Oysters in Tomales Bay. The wind was blowing and the fog was rolling in... It was perfect !
  17. Lobo

    latest mods.

    Saved souls in ten minutes or less. It's a damn beautiful day I bet it is at that rate
  18. Lobo

    A day hanging with the 1967 Bonneville TT replica (988cc stroker)

    John, Bad news good news... bad news is Randy from NorCal had taken me up on sharing a room before I posted this. Good news is you can have the single he reserved. Will that work ?... I plan on bringing my DVD of 'Deliverance' so we can still bond.
  19. Lobo

    A day hanging with the 1967 Bonneville TT replica (988cc stroker)

    John... Chris tells me you need a room at the Palms. I have a double in room 10 ... right in the middle of the chaos we could split for whatever days you want. I must warn you... I snore, fart and just watched Broke Back Mountain. Im just saying...
  20. Lobo

    Oil - The official thread

    list of filters Someone asked for a list of filters. I have had this for years. I have been partial to the Bosch only because I can find it in the local auto store along with Mobil Vtwin oil. My last change I went to Shell Rotella dino. Here ya go... THIS IS A COPY OF THE PREVIOUS LIST OF...
  21. Lobo

    Lobo likey...

    Thanks guys. Frank: The Scarlet and Silver 01 looks like pretty much everyone elses... till I get the Silver painted Black. Bonafie: Thanks for the welcome. John : I sure hope to see you again. Lots of respect for carrying on Scotts dream.
  22. Lobo

    Lobo likey...

    I love motorcycle forums, and Triumph ones even better. I see some familiar handles I have ran across both on RAT and the NTBF. Just want to say hi and pay my respects. I am out of the SF Bay Area, have a 01 Bonnie bought in 04. Love this bike and all the comradery that goes with it.