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  1. Beaman

    Dart Marlin and Layflat Bracket

    Hi all - has anybody fit a Dart Marlin with a D9-like layflat bracket? Thoughts? Pictures? Thanks!
  2. Beaman

    Dart Question

    Hi all - I used to have a National Cycle Flyscreen on my old Bonnie and it pushed my headlight up no matter what I did. How is the Dart in this department? I don't want to go any bigger than a flyscreen. If MAS was still making those aluminum ones I would go that route. Thanks for your advice.
  3. Beaman


    Hi all, Beaman here. I used to be a lot more active on this forum when I was riding an '08 Bonnie. Since then, I have owned a T-bird and Street Triple R. I just couldn't shake the Bonnie bug though and now own Gypsy, a build by Team Triumph (Janesville, WI). Here's a description of the bike via...
  4. Beaman

    '08 Bonnie Wiring Help Needed

    I have spent a couple of days trying to get the wiring right on a Mike's XS Mini Speedo on my '08 Bonnie. I have poured over several diagrams to no avail. The problem is that the wiring colors must have changed. I have a Haynes that goes up to '07 and that didn't help. If somebody could...
  5. Beaman

    Sharer Cycle Center?

    Anybody know anything about the status of Sharer Cycle Center in WI? I am bit worried as they only seemed to have used bikes when I went there last month for servicing. I've bought two bikes there and really like working with them!
  6. Beaman

    Scrambler Gel

    Coming very close to pulling the trigger on a Scramble Gel Seat for my 08 Bonnie. Anybody not happy with this configuration?
  7. Beaman

    Thruxton Gel Question

    I am thinking of buying a Thruxton Gel seat for my 08 Bonnie. Is there gel in the passenger end?
  8. Beaman

    contemporary gel vs. corbin

    I have looked at a lot of threads and the vote still seems to be out on whether the Triumph gel really does the trick. I like the looks of it, but my ass needs more than that. Does the Gunfighter and Lady blow it out of the water or are they about even? Thanks.
  9. Beaman

    Help - need a neutral indicator boot

    In putting in LEDS for my idiot lights I damaged a prong in one of the boots. All I need is the specific neutral boot with some wire to splice in. If any of you have on laying around, please PM me - I would be happy to pay for shipping and a bit for the boot. Thanks!
  10. Beaman

    Amateur wiring question involving neutral indicator

    In the process of replacing my indicator bulbs with LEDS I ended up damaging a prong in the neutral boot. Ended up getting another boot - but the inside diameter is too big.....So, I sacrificed the high beam to get my neutral again. No neutral light, but ironically I was able to put the new...
  11. Beaman

    Icon tank bag

    Thinking about going this route for my daily commute. Any own one or have an opinion? Thanks!
  12. Beaman

    Sparx 3/4 helmet

    Relatively cheap helmet, but very effective: Bounced off the highway a couple of times and didn't even get a headache. I prefer 3/4 for the airflow, but like to have a shield for rain and bugs. The...
  13. Beaman

    Slimey Crud Run

    Anybody going?
  14. Beaman

    Header gasket Question

    I am probably going to take my headers off to BBQ paint them this weekend. Will I need new gaskets when I put them back on or will the old ones do the tirck?
  15. Beaman

    Epco jetting

    I have searched and searched for jetting information, so here goes: I will be running Epco low pipes on an 08 Bonnie. I am not going to mess with the airbox at this time - anybody have a stock setup with the Epcos? What jets are you using? Thanks!
  16. Beaman

    National Cycle Flyscreen - Need help

    I have a National Cycle Flyscreen and have seen several people on this forum complain about it pushing the light up. Anybody come up with some sort of brace to prevent this? My impulse is to tighten the shit out of the bolts, but I know that'll just strip them.....
  17. Beaman

    32" Drag Bars? Yet another Bar Thread...

    Hey Everybody, I am on a quest for my next handlebar (and hopefully my last). I traded out for a Sportster Bar (which will probably be in the classifieds soon) and found the ergonomics better but just not enough for my taste. I know that this is a subjective question, but do any of you have...
  18. Beaman

    Eyelid Headlight Visor

    I am thinking about ordering the visor and was wondering if anybody has thoughts about whether it affects a bike's visibility to other cars...
  19. Beaman

    Epco pipes

    I am seriously thinking about Low Epco pipes for my bonnie - for those of you that have them, what do you think of them? I like the way they look and sound (online) and just want to know if they're worth doing some oddjobs to save up the money. Thanks!
  20. Beaman

    triumph flyscreen

    Just wondering if anybody has an opinion on the triumph flyscreen.....
  21. Beaman

    Greetings and Salutations

    Hey everybody, I am a recent immigrant from that other forum. Just bought an 08 Black Bonnie and am finishing up my MSF class this weekend, so I am ready to ride. I am debating on lots of mods, but I think the heaviest one (and the one driving my wife nuts) is exhaust - heavily leaning...