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  1. grumpy_1944


    July 3, 2016 will be 45 years of wedded bliss to Mrs. grumpy. Sorry, no photo, I can't get this @#$%^&*! apple to post photos.
  2. grumpy_1944

    I'm through with Bonnevilles

    As soon as I can I am getting rid of my 2008 Bonneville black. Why? you ask. I thought the new bonneville would be like the 60-70 bonnevilles (and other brands) and could be worked on with a set of proper fitting wrenches, crescent wrench and screwdrivers. They are an engineering...
  3. grumpy_1944


    Found this on another forum. Thought it is funny as h***:lol3::lol2::lol: Johnstown, PA (GlossyNews) – Local and state police scoured the hills outside rural Johnstown, Pennsylvania, after reports of three animal rights activists going missing after attempting to protest the wearing of...
  4. grumpy_1944

    Easy fast/cheap valve cover fix

    At 18000 miles, my valve cover gasket began to leak on the left front of the engine. I took the seat and tank off and when I removed the first bolt there was a rubber like gromet under it which looked like it had shrunken somewhat. I went to OSH and bought 4 3/16"x7/16" rubber washers and...
  5. grumpy_1944

    Merry Christmas

    Hope the Christmas Holidays find you healthy and happy. Hope Santa brings nice things to ya instead of a lump of coal:) Bah Humbug. can't believe I wrote that. Don't :beer: to much during the holiday grumpy
  6. grumpy_1944

    Oh, woe am I, what am I gonna do

    I promised my wife any bike see wanted if she would go to the MSF and get her license and ride along with me. After much shopping around, looking at all kinds of motorcycles, she chose an all black "883 Harley hugger". :shrug: I'm so ashamed I hang my head everywhere I go now; and it won't be...
  7. grumpy_1944

    tutoro chain oiler I purchased one of these and installed it on my Bonneville last week. Cost was $35.00 including shipping, if my mind is working right. Installation was easy, even though I screwed up placement the first time:lame:. Not the fault of the manufacturer. It has a...
  8. grumpy_1944

    Kudos to Helmet city

    Bought a new helmet through Helmet city. It wasn't delivered when I expected so I contacted them on the phone. The order dept. told me they had sent an E-mail to the wrong address explaining that the helmet I had ordered was on back order and not expected for 3 weeks. For that, I received a...
  9. grumpy_1944

    Best Quote You've Heard

    deleted by author
  10. grumpy_1944

    Made love for 4 hours today

    For the last three weeks it's been gray and foggy almost all day long. Visability was very restricted and the sun was visible for maybe an hour during that whole time.:mad2: It rained last night and mid morning today the sky was bright blue and the temperature was significantly warmer than it...
  11. grumpy_1944

    Thought I was in love before

    Just took my first short ride after installing Ricor "intiminators in the front suspension and Hagon rear shocks. OMG! My Bonnie has been transformed into a much better riding motorcycle. Rx this upgrade to anybody that wants their Bonnie to ride and handle better!
  12. grumpy_1944

    *%$#@!)(*$%^#@ Bonneville

    I made reservations for me and the wife for three days at an all inclusive resort for this last weekend. Swiming pools, hot tubs, sauna, full service restaurant, lounge, bar, nightclub, pool tables, horse shoe pits, shuffleboard, hiking trails, and much more. We loaded the Bonneville with...
  13. grumpy_1944


    Just had eye surgery and will be off my Bonneville for a while. The guys I ride with have a run to the ocean planned for Saturday:mad2: The surgeon knows I love to ride and he hopes I heal quick enough to make it. He :c. I'll know more tomorrow after a followup appointment.
  14. grumpy_1944

    cocktail shaker mufflers

    I've never been one to follow the pack sooooo, I'm thinking of putting "cocktail shakers" on my Bonnie instead of dunstalls, dominators, emgos and other mufflers popular for the Bonnie. Anyone know anything about them ie, rejetting , sound level etc? I'm not interested in max power, just a...
  15. grumpy_1944


    Ordered a backrest and luggage brackets from on Friday 1/23/2009. They arrived at my front door today (1/28/2009). All I can say is :cheer: :up: :c:rock: :rocks:wow
  16. grumpy_1944

    Question for Bonifide

    Absolutely no disrespect intended but, looking at your avatar makes me wonder if: 1.) is that a picture of you and was it taken when you were assigned to vice/narcotics? 2.) if it is you, and taken recently, does the agency you work for have that liberal of grooming standards? (the agency...
  17. grumpy_1944

    I did it, I did it, I did it! All by my little self

    Just came back from a ten mile ride after completion of removing the AI and EVLS (I think it's called). My Bonnie Black seems smoother than before I did this, has anyone else noticed a similar difference?:ride: I studied every bit of info about removing the :piss:"crap", which is now...
  18. grumpy_1944

    Kings/Tulare Co. Toys 4 Tots run

    0930 hours, 6 Dec. about 150 to 200 motorcycle enthusiasts braved the fog, cold and wet roads and met at the "Pass and Decal" building (entrance ) of Lemoore Naval Air Station for the Kings and Tulare Co Toy run. Just about every type and make of bike was represented there. Good ol' Navy...
  19. grumpy_1944

    Beauty is as beauty does - King & Queen seat

    I've read comments about how "ugly" the King & Queen seat is. Just made the first mod to my Bonnie and installed one. MLW rides with me a lot so I got it for her. She complained of "buzz butt" after an hour on the stock seat. Mine just went numb. Just got back from a four hour ride and...
  20. grumpy_1944

    Let's exhaust the exhaust thread(s)

    I've read every exhaust thread I could find on this forum without finding an answer to this question. Forgive me if I missed an answer to my query and the question has already been answered. I'm thinking of manufacturing an exhaust system, straight pipes clear to about the end of the stock...
  21. grumpy_1944

    Equipment failure/upgrades????

    This site was unavailable from this am till late PM. All others worked for me. Did the system crash????? Were upgrades being implemented??
  22. grumpy_1944

    no longer fed up

    Checked the remember me box last time I logged on and now when I shut down and return later, I'mstill loggerd in. THANKS BONIFIDE FOR THE KUMPEWTUR LARNIN.
  23. grumpy_1944

    fed up

    Every time I try to post, this site logs me off for some reason. I'll not post again after this if the web site leaves me alone long enough to post this message. Bill:mad:
  24. grumpy_1944

    from the rectum of the world

    Hello. Checking in from Lemoore, located in the Republik of Kalifornia (AKA the rectum of the world). I know, why is it the rectum of the world? Well, all close roads are as straight as a ruler and flat as twiggy's chest (may be before the time of some of you) and it takes an hours ride (at...