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  1. Nick Morey

    No Ozzi Riders Allowed Thread

    Rest in peace wobblygong Thought I'd stop by here to let anyone interested know that wobblygong's fight with cancer is over... rest in peace Rod, it was a pleasure & privilege to know you.
  2. Nick Morey

    I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD

    New York side looking back to Ontario. Sorry no bike or lady, but I was on my bike when I took the picture, lol.
  3. Nick Morey

    Stress break

    :snack:Nice pics monty! Thanks for sharing your stress relief. :ride:
  4. Nick Morey

    Really messed up weekend

    Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend, Nohawk. Time will bring about the right memories when the time for grieving has passed. It's just the way of things. When I think back to those I've lost, sure, I miss them but the happy memories are how I remember them, as it should be and how they...
  5. Nick Morey

    I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD

    Very nice! You should be proud for breathing new life into a real classic. :worthy:
  6. Nick Morey

    Ikon rear shox

    +1. Same mods helped my T100... BIG improvement!
  7. Nick Morey

    CNN/AP: Bin Laden Dead

    Very well said, Sal.
  8. Nick Morey

    CNN/AP: Bin Laden Dead

    Hey, homefront. I can't believe the Dude is gonna let you get away with that political rant. Can't you leave that political crap for one friggin' day and just be a proud American?
  9. Nick Morey

    Kickin' The Black Dog

    Well, I missed all the Aussie drama, but it's good to see you back here, Wobbly! Keep the positive thoughts... Life's journey isn't to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy sh*t... What a Ride!!!", but I think you...
  10. Nick Morey

    Stripping Fork Paint

    The sanding/polishing is the hardest part. D9's link goes into great detail:
  11. Nick Morey

    Back Home

    Good to see you folks are home safe. Thanks so much for the link to the pics of your journey around Australia & Tasmania (hope you don't mind, I posted the link on my Facebook page). You know you're always welcome up this way!
  12. Nick Morey

    Members locations on Google Maps

    I'm in.
  13. Nick Morey

    Babes On Bikes *NSFW*

    Dang! She looks like my ex in that pic! Lol... (poor girl).
  14. Nick Morey

    I'm Back and Cancer Free!

    I don't check in much anymore Allin. Sorry to hear of your troubles, but glad to hear the Docs got you fixed up and you've been given a positive prognosis. That must be a real load off. The bills and weight are trivial. Enjoy life, but then, you knew that already!
  15. Nick Morey

    Babes On Bikes *NSFW*

    :kewl: nice bike nice photography pretty girl :up::up::up: nice post! :woot:
  16. Nick Morey

    mirror options

    +2 on the Yamaha Vmax mirrors. You can see much butter behind you and they don't look like lollipops. I've also had those small oval mirrors and you have to twist your head while pulling in your arm and shoulder to see behind you. Pics of both are in my album in my profile.
  17. Nick Morey

    It's here!!!!

    This will all be white soon...
  18. Nick Morey

    Wandering souls

    NY, VT, NH, CT, NJ, LA, HI, CO. Colorado wins, for favorite state. So what the hell am I doin' here? Long story... :shrug:
  19. Nick Morey

    Happy Birthday Kirkus51

    Happy birthday Kirkus 51! :cheers:
  20. Nick Morey

    Ain't nothin out there.....

    Still makes me smile when I ride her. I don't see any reason to ever give her up.
  21. Nick Morey

    Can you pop a wheelie on a scrambler?

    Question answered! Nice pics Rhodie. :cheers:
  22. Nick Morey

    "Mr. Chambers can we have a word with you?"

    Who'd a thunk people would be stealin' plates in Scottsdale, AZ., Torx, good idea!
  23. Nick Morey

    Doggie prison break.

    It's the emotional rolllercoaster you pay more than the bucks you fork out. I'd keep a tight leash on her now, though. Hopefully, she'll grow out of that running stuff in time.