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    Which tyres for T100

    I'm running Pirelli Sport Demon in the following sizes: F 100/90-19 R 140/80-17 vs stock size of 130/80-17
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    What year did the bonnie got to FI?

    I have an 05 carbed bike and have never had an issue with winter storage. I follow the following steps: Full tank of fresh gas. I drain out anything that was in it and that gets used up int eh snowblower In that full tank I use Seafoam I have used Stabil and both have seemed to work equally...
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    What year did the bonnie got to FI?

    It's depends on the market but I recall that in the US it was 2009 and European markets it was 2008. I do believe that the 2008 US bikes had the restyled EFI tank but still used carbs.
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    Bonneville Bobber

    Saw it in BIKEEXIF. I'm conflicted on this model. There are aspects I both like and don't like but I just can't get past the floating seat! {"data-align":"none","data-size":"custom","src":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/10\/new-triumph-bobber-1-625x417.jpg"}
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    Mr. Pavement and I had a chat.

    Good to hear the bike will be up and running soon! How did you heal up?
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    Need handlebars recommendation

    I recently switched from M-bars to Flanders Narrow Clubman and really like the result. Here is the comparison betrween the two of them i'll be posting up several items for sale in the next...
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    Mr. Pavement and I had a chat.

    Glad you are ok with no major injuries!
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    Bonnie being a bitch

    I just picked up a new moset based one from rick's motor sports. Send me a pm with your address and I'll ship you my old one. I went with then new one since those are cooler running as I'm in the process of relocating it to the battery box to clean up the front of the bike. FYI mine is from a...
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    how to polish out a scratch

    Were you able to polish out the scratch?
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    Workin on em or ridin em

    I would rather ride but I do take great satisfaction in learning about the inner workings and putting it back together especially with no spare parts.
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    how to polish out a scratch

    What grit paper did you start with? To polish you start out course and work your way up to 1500 grit wet dry sandpaper. With each move up you change directions. You are smothing the metal to get it to a point of not seeing the sanding lines. Once you get to 1500 grit then switch over to...
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    Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

    That's the one I'm leaning towards. Thanks for the feedback.
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    What helmet?

    Arai Quantum 2 really wanted a Phil Read but couldn't find any at the time I bought mine.
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    Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

    I'm interested in feedback also as I've been looking closely at this one from Innovate Motorsports and AEM Electronics...
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    BC Sleepers exhaust

    Mine is an 05' carbed model, re-jetted with pod filters instead of the airbox. re-jetting or re-mapping is necessary for any free flowing exhaust change.
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    BC Sleepers exhaust

    I've had both and still have the spleepers. The tors are bit louder than stock and have a really nice tone. The sleepers are quite a bit louder than stock but sound fantastic. The wife can hear me come and go but doesn't think they are to loud or obnoxious.
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    46.9 mpg!!!

    That's about were I'm at. Even before mods I don't recall ever getting 40. Might be a problem with my throttle, as it's just to damn tempting to keep rolling it open.
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    How far can it go after fuel light comes on?

    Mine is when trip odometer gets to 100. Hate have to flip the reserve value while riding. Always seems to happen when on the freeway.
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    Cleaning out the garage

    Motley send me a pm with your email as I have some m-bars that I removed from my bike late last year and just haven't gotten around to posting them yet.
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    Welcome back and Nice looking Bonnie! Been a lot of years since I bought mine from Team Triumph and visited them. They were a really nice bunch of people to deal with. Hopefully our weather turns nice soon hear in WI to get back out on the road.
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    For Sale: Black Bullet Turn Signals x4

    Thanks for posting the videos. Didn't realize they were making turn signals now. They look nice bright. I've heard comments from a friend of mine that mine just aren't very visible. So I've been looking for some and a brighter tail light/brake light also.
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    For Sale: Black Bullet Turn Signals x4

    Who make the led ones did you switched to? I'm looking for something brighter and mine are similar to what you had.
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    D9 bracket for T100, angled or flat?

    Flat Visibility has never been an issue. But then again I don't look at it much while riding. But when parked the flat profile really looks better on the bike.
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    Handlebar/Control Swap

    Are you running those with the standard foot controls or rear sets?