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  1. bonZa

    Merge the Bonneville Family of Twins

    the forum is made up of tech sections for Bonnevilles, Thruxtons, Scramblers, Speedmasters and Americas. wouldnt it be better to merge all sections as after all they are essentially the same in many respects and suffer from similar tech issues someone with a problem with their Bonnie may...
  2. bonZa

    Hagon Nitro Rear Shocks

    I've been thinking for sometime to replace the aging stock Kayaba shocks on my Bonneville and finally decided on a set of Hagon Nitros with silver anodised parts. according to the UK web site they are available in four colours, blue, gold, silver and black but US sites say two of the colours...
  3. bonZa

    Worn Carby Slide

    today I dismantled the CVK carbies on my Bonnie to give the internals a clean and to also inspect the "pain in the arse to get to" inline filter that's located between the carbs. all was ok and it was actually cleaner than what I expected, but what surprised me was the amount on wear on the...
  4. bonZa

    Monza Gas Cap

    I'm going to be laid up for the next few weeks on crutches and wont be able to ride for six months so intend to do some work on my neglected Bonneville. amongst other things, one of the first things I want to do is install a Monza Gas Cap. are they worth the effort and what is the degree...
  5. bonZa

    the Triumph Logo

    I'm having a debate with a fellow Triumph rider he reckons that John Bloor couldnt buy the rights to the old logo with the sweeping R that curls back into the H because someone else owns that trademark so he had to adapt to the current style on Hinckley machines I reckon thats bullshit and...
  6. bonZa

    Battery Life

    bike took longer to start this morning than usual. rough idled at first, stalled, restarted ok, then got going. put it down to cold weather as it's winter here and this morning was the coldest so far this year. zero degrees C. twenty kilometers later, it conked out at a set of lights, but...
  7. bonZa

    sore butt is killing me

    notice that Triumph are marketing a gel seat in their accessories list. I suffer from a sore arse after long distance riding and soon plan on doing a 5,000 kilometer trip. do these gel seats make any difference and are the Triumph ones any good?
  8. bonZa

    Removing the rear wheel

    tyres on my bike have done over 9,000 miles so it's getting near to where I want to replace them. anything special I need to know for taking off the rear wheel? my bikes fitted with a centrestand. is that good enough? or do I need to invest in a motorbike hydraulic lift.
  9. bonZa

    New from Oz

    G'day all new geezer to this forum from Melbourne Australia. ride a 2008 black and white T100 Bonneville bought new late 2007 and have clocked up 13,000 kilometers so far. from what I can see this is a great forum and will be spending some time on it. have been riding all sorts of...