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  1. bicylindrico

    Waxed cotton saddle bags for T120

    Great bags with everything included. $400. Usd +shipping
  2. bicylindrico

    Dealer Tool

    Anyone here using Dealer Tool? I'm thinking of pulling the trigger and getting the unlimited version. Two different obd style connections for a 2014 tiger and 2016 t120. Anyone?
  3. bicylindrico

    Wifes T120 getting workwize.

    I installed the Waxed Cotton bags, Bar end mirrors and Dart (Marlin) fly screen on my wife's bike this morning. A hundred mile test ride confirmed that the She wasn't getting beat up with chest wind, The mirrors are where they should be and if she wants to carry anything on a trip............she...
  4. bicylindrico

    New T120 and added a few things.

    Finally got the bar end mirrors, Dart flyscreen and waxed cotton bags on. My wife is much happier now at speed. ​​​​​​​
  5. bicylindrico

    New from Washington state.

    Hi and thanks for having this forum. I'm not new to riding or Triumph twins but added a 2016 T120 to the stable and as usual renewed my passion for anything on two wheels. A short test ride convinced my wife and I that the Thruxton she rode in on was going to be replaced by the T120. Minutes...