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  1. jetlink1983

    Triumph Custom Leather Jacket

    This is the new Custom leather jacket from Triumph. I thought I was a Large and already pulled the tags off when it turns out a Medium fits me better. I wore this for 1 ride, so its essentially brand new. It's an awesome jacket, good for Winter with a removable quilted liner, and Fall with the...
  2. jetlink1983

    2012 EFI Bonnie Bafflectomy Guide

    I really wanted to get some new exhaust, but just don't have the money right now. So after browsing some bafflectomy threads, I decided it couldn't hurt to try it! Since there was very little info on the doing this to a megaphone style exhaust, I tried to document as best I could. I will be...
  3. jetlink1983

    FS:Bonneville Speedo Cluster

    I did the Tach conversion to my 2012 Bonnie so have no more need for this. In like new condition. $25 shipped Note: Does not include:Speedo, speedo can, or rubber grommet Does include:Mounting bolts, idiot light rear cover
  4. jetlink1983

    2012 VDO Bonnie Bracket

    Couldn't have asked for a better bracket! Easy install, took about 15 minutes. Thanks D9! Bracket Before After
  5. jetlink1983

    FS:Bonneville Chrome Luggage Rack/Grab Rail

    Pulled off my 2012 Bonnie, in nearly new condition. Going to black out my bike so tidying up the chrome bits. Bought the bike used with the rack but I believe it is the Triumph factory rack. Retails new $200 Asking $150 + $10 shipping or free local pickup in Chicago
  6. jetlink1983

    '12 Bonnie, added engine guards and fork gaiters

    This is my first season with my Bonnie, and first things first, mods! I've seen too many bikes tipped by the crazy parkers in Chicago so I decided to add some engine guards. I went with the SW Motech and couldn't be happier. Real sturdy and they blend in great with the bike. Then I added some...
  7. jetlink1983

    Bonneville VDO EFI Gauge Bracket

    I have a 2012 Bonnie that had just the speedo. I bought a used Bonnie Tach on eBay so now I need the bracket. Anybody that converted to a D9 have their original they would like to part with? I have a VDO EFI gauge set so I need the bracket that does not have idiot light holes. Thanks!
  8. jetlink1983

    Hi from Chicago!

    Hey everyone! Rider of a (new to me) 2012 Bonneville in downtown Chicago. Riding season can be short here so I'm trying to make the most of it. I love turning wrenches, and seeing as this is my first real season with my bike, I've started by adding fork gaiters today! Hope to maybe meet some...