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    Happy 4th of July!

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    Facts and chicks Check out this site. Cool facts. Hot chicks. Nothing more. Probably NSFW.
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    When you can't get your beer open

    This is a fun video
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    Blood thinners and motorcycles

    So, it looks like I might have to hang up my spurs for a few months. I had a couple of scary blood clots that required a minor surgical procedure where they placed a stint in a vein deep in my abdomen. I'll have to be on blood thinners (Coumadin) for at least 6-9 months, possibly longer. I'm...
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    rider crashes, then falls 40 ft off of a bridge in Austin

    Don't do this:
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    How to use an apostrophe

    I admit it. I'm a self-proclaimed grammar Nazi. I can't turn it off. Here's a little something to help remind you guys about the correct way to use everyone's favorite punction mark: the oft-misued apostrophe. Seriously, some of you guys really fuck this up. I won't name any names....Bring...
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    Now this is cool! Personal cooling vest This may be just the thing to beat the Texas heat and enjoy riding year round. I'd like to try one before dropping $300-400+ on it, but I might just have to pick one up someday. There are...
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    New-to-me bike

    I just picked this bad boy up tonight from forum member innominate. Thanks Mark! 2005 Yamaha FZ1: It's a scary fuckin' fast monster! More pictures to follow!
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    anyone have any experience with VW Dune Buggies or Sand Rails?

    I have a few ideas turning around in ol' duder's head and I've been eyeballing some VW sand rails/dune buggies on craigslist. I've been thinking about something like this: Anyone ever played with, ridden in, owned, worked on, smelled, etc on of these? I've never had any experience...
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    thinking about another bike soon

    Once tax return time comes, I may be picking up another bike. This is all up in the air, but I'm thinking about finding something relatively lightly used. I want a liter plus, sport-oriented but able to handle touring, and well under 10k. here's my short list: -FZ1 -Speed Triple/Street...
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    Vapor Digital Gauge

    I just installed a Trailtech Vapor Speedo/Tach on my Bonnie. It's a pretty clean and cheap little unit. I'd rather have analog gauges but I haven't found any that I really liked (and can afford). A friend of mine picked this unit up for a bike project and never ended up using it, so he just...
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    GPS question

    I have a Garmin Nuvi for my car & truck. It isn't waterproof, but I want to use it on rides. I saw a bicycle mount for it that clamps to the handlebars, but I'm not sure I trust it. Anyone use a non-moto GPS on their bike? Any hints, especially relating to the Garmin? thanks forum friends!
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    had my pup neutered today

    the poor bastard. Also had a small umbilical hernia stitched up, a round of shots, nails clipped, and a general tuneup and valve adjustment. He's still stoned off his ass from the Morphine they gave him. I got some pain meds to give him over the next few days. He's acting kinda weird, he...
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    Double Trouble: Twin Norton-Engined retro drag bike from Flyrite Choppers

    What's cooler than a Norton-powered drag bike? How about a double Norton-powered drag bike (built right here in Austin, TX no less)?
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    dog question for y'all, especially Bonafide

    one of my Airedale Terriers has chronic yeast infections in her ears. They are very sensitive to her, and she yelps when I rub her ears. She likes her ears rubbed for a few seconds then yelps in pain. I know it is a yeast infection because I've taken her to the vet a few times and he has...
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    I need your vote!

    OK, I know a lot of you here hate T-rat, but I need your vote for bike of the month! link removed by admin Put aside your differences and help a brother out! thanks
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    Cb 175

    I just trucked this lil' guy home. It isn't mine though. It's been in a friend's family since it was new in 1972 and has been sitting 15-20 years give or take. I'm going to get it running, pretend it isni't running for a few weeks while I ride it, then hand it back over to them. One monkey...
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    Rockers vs Mods Dallas pics

    here's some pics from the Rockers vs Mods Dallas, TX this weekend my buddy on his Nightster me endorsing some Hornitos Tequila our crew hangin' me riding my friend's Ruckus
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    I need a small, economical car for work

    I've been driving my 3/4 ton Dodge Cummins diesel on average 2500-3000 miles per month for work. This is costing me approx $500/mth in fuel, not to mention the othe wear/tear issues which I figure at approx $200+ per month (tires, brakes, batteries, etc) so it's time for an econo-beater. I'm...
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    I turn 30 in 4 days

    I hit the big three-oh in 4 days...
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    custom/modified D&D 2-1 system

    I've been running this D&D 2-1 system for about a year now. I really like the way it runs but the low pipes scraping on the ground kind of bothered me, but I didn't really like any other system on the market (or have the $$$ another system) so I set out to hack/chop/weld/force my will upon the...
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    I'm flying to Indianapolis for some training for my new job. I'll be there Sun Nov 1 through Sat Nov 6th. From M-F I'll be pretty busy, but either Sunday afternoon or Friday night I might be looking for someone to do some drinkin with, or something to do. Anyone in the area or have a...
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    sayings, quotes, etc

    Post your favorite quotes, sayings, adages, dirty limericks, etc! I keep a word file with my favorites. I heard a good one today for the first time: "time will tell and shit will smell" here are some of my other favorites. I bet all of you will recognize or have heard some if not all...
  24. sweatmachine

    anyone good with insect bites?

    Something bit/stung me on the hand at least 6-8 times Thursday night while I slept. At first it felt like a small blister and I only noticed it while shifting gears in my truck because the shifter rests right in the palm of my hand. Later, starting Saturday morning I noticed the individual...