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    Where is triumph?

    Triumph will not be at the NYC bike show this year! No Moto Guzzi either. Royal Enfield will be there. Oh well I can check out the new BMWs
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    Fuel pump harness recall

    Got the recall letter for the fuel pump harness on my Thruxton. The dealer doesn't have the part yet. Its not leaking. Depending on the weather I may wait until spring. does anyone have a leaky one?
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    Time to quit?

    Just for the year. Temps were in the low 40s today and the sun was shining. So I took a spin on the tiger. Got a bit of a scare; there was black ice on the road in the shaded corners. That may have been this year's last ride.
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    Off road map

    Is there or will there be an off road or TORS type map for the new twins?
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    New fairing

    I saw a photo of the green thruxton with the racer kit fairing. It will fit without the lowered clip ons.I ordered one. I wonder if the green color option will be limited to the early bikes like yellow was a one year only color in 04. I'm not taking that chance and bought me this year's...
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    Thruxton flyscreen

    Like new green Thruxton flyscreen with mounting hardware for sale. Used for 2 months no defects. I ordered the full fairing for my Thruxton. Sells for $180. I'll take $120 shipped, USA only
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    Polaris Victory in Europe

    Victory will sell only2 of their bikes in Europe this year The scout octane and a big cruiser They are having problem meeting Euro4 standards Will we see more water cooled cruisers soon? Triumph is ahead of the curve with the new twins and the thunderbird
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    New head pipes yet?

    Are replacement head pipes, without the cat, available for the1200 Thruxton yet?
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    Just got back

    Just returned from a 3000 mile tour of CT NY PA MD W VA VA NC TN Rode skyline drive and the blue ridge parkway, entire length of both Rode the tail of the Dragon rt129 cherahola skyway then over to Nashville Oh boy was it hot! The tiger never missed a beat. Would have appreciated an air...
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    Cat removal

    Is anyome offering a "pipe" to install in place of the cat on the new thruxton? It looks like a simple X pipe could be substituted or a "box" This could mimic the Dunstall 2 into 1 into 2 system. It should be made of stainless steel and would sell for $300. Should increase torque and improve the...
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    What helmet?

    I have a friend in the high end helmet business. He told me that riders of certain brands tend to buy certain brands of helmet As an example BMW riders like Shuberth. I have an Arai and a Davida I'm trying to work a deal on a 6D What do you have?
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    EBay return

    I bought a lightweight cover for my Tiger on eBay. I'm taking a ride through the mid Atlantic and southern states next month I wanted a light waterproof cover for the trip The cover I received is not remotely waterproof. I told the seller that I wish to return the cover. He has asked for a photo...
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    Cheap led lights

    I picked up a set of Amazon led driving lights for $23. Add a $1.99 switch and a $3 relay. Used bicycle reflectors brackets to mount them to the engine guards on my Tiger. Oh boy are they bright.really light up the sides of the road. There is a very noticeable difference in color compared to the...
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    Yellow lights

    Has anyone used plastic film to alter the color of a headlight? I'm considering changing to a yellow headlight. I think it will make the bike more conspicuous. ​​​​The films I'm looking at claim a 90%+ transmission rate. So I'm not sure I want to loss 10% of my lighting. Any opinions or experience?
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    New map

    I had the map in my 11 Tiger 800 updated today part of my preparations for my ride to deal's gap. The dealer installed the latest "arrow" map because I have an aftermarket silencer. The new map SUCKS! the hesitation and flat spot off a closed throttle is pronounced and dangerous. All popping in...
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    New thruxton

    I want a new thruxton. I like the green standard model but wonder if I'll regret not getting the R with its upgraded suspension and brakes. The $2000 upcharge is well worth it but the green bike sure is pretty. Gotta sell my Moto Guzzi V7
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    Ha missed me

    I was on my Thruxton Sunday on a country road following a VW jetta. We were traveling at50mph and I was around 50 to 100 feet behind the car. A gust of wind toppled a large tree that fell on the car crushing it. No brakes or warning ; the car just stopped I stopped a few feet from the fallen...
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    tubeless tyres

    I need tires for a 1965 BSA 18" both ends. Choices are limited. I will probably use Avon Roadriders. Those tires are "tubeless" but of course I will use tubes. An internet"source" claims that tubeless tires cannot be mounted on tubes wheels as the rim shape differs. I have the Avon tires...
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    odd carb goo

    my 85 BMW R80 was not firing on the left cylinder yesterday good spark but I put in new plugs anyway pulled the carb bowl: almost dry no fuel flowing into the left carb pulled the fuel lines, no problem there = lots of flow removed the floats and needle valve there where 6 "things"...
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    I'll post later

    I'll be more active on the site after the snow flies it's just too nice right now and I'm riding I did 3 300 mile days this week and I didn't go anywhere OK twice I went to New Hampshire and bought a few bottles of scotch a friend just bought a new Yamaha FJ9 so we'll be riding until the...
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    trucklite LED headlight

    I installed a 7" Trucklite LED headlamp. it fits the stock Thruxton shell but sticks out a bit in the front as it is deeper. the top part lights up for low beam and everything lights up for the main beam. the dipped beam is very flat and the main beam is higher and rounder. it sure is white...
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    so how does this scam work? I have a bike for sale on Craig's list I've been contacted, via text, by 3 people, all from Baltimore MD. all 3 are in the military and are currently deployed. they have no access to a phone or to their bank accounts but do have a computer and want to pay via...
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    TP Dominator touring mufflers

    well I just wasted $600. I had been running EPCO SS silencers on my 05 Thruxton. They look good , fit well and are well made but they area a bit load for my tastes. I was going to get the Triumph TORS as I had used them before and they sound good. But they are chromed steel and my last set...
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    bicycle shorts

    does anyone here wear bicycle shorts while riding? the ones with pads in the butt and the nether regions? if so, do they help alleviate monkey butt?