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  1. owenbrau

    Steering lock key

    I never bother with it, and I'm not even sure where the key is anymore. Steering locks are too easily defeated. Get a disk lock for out AND a ground anchor for home.
  2. owenbrau

    will a Scrambler exhaust fit a Bonneville

    Yes. Heads are the same.
  3. owenbrau

    How old and how many years have you been riding?

    Almost 56, learned to ride at 15 illegally, got my first bike at 19.
  4. owenbrau

    Wind screen

    I have an older model, but the Dart Flyscreen works well, looks good, and isn't expensive. I'm sure they have a model that fits the newer line.
  5. owenbrau

    Lowering Handlebars bonneville 2018

    I put Flanders Clubman bars on, I love them. You do need to be careful on setup because they are low enough that in some configurations the controls can hit (and dent) the tank. My profile pic shows them.
  6. owenbrau

    WTB steering stabilizer Hinckley Bonneville

    I see those guys like once a year, but I follow Peter on FB. He was badly injured in a crash a couple of years ago, and has been focusing on other areas and projects.
  7. owenbrau

    WTB steering stabilizer Hinckley Bonneville

    I bought a friction-style damper from Farley and Ace (in Pittston, PA), but I don't think the owner is making parts anymore.
  8. owenbrau

    Pedestrian slicer, (numberplate)

    NewBonneville, actually!
  9. owenbrau

    Pedestrian slicer, (numberplate)

    I think they are a nice addition to the look.
  10. owenbrau

    Centre stand and pissed-on foot

    I bought an OEM stand on ebay, I am SO glad I did, and install was easy.
  11. owenbrau

    WTB Dead ignition switch or just wiring harness connector for Bonneville

    I'm finishing up my model #2 keyless ignition, and need a key switch connector for a Bonneville.
  12. owenbrau

    New Ink

    Fezzes are cool! My pics were just after Trish, the owner (with her husband Radar) of Valor Tattoo in Trevose PA, finished. I go the same way; give the artist the basic idea and maybe some examples, then let them do their thing.
  13. owenbrau

    New Ink

    [No message]
  14. owenbrau

    T100 2017 with passenger

    The idea that you need more than the 865 to carry a passenger is ridiculous. Heck, I did a two-up trip from Philadelphia PA to Bangor Maine on a CB550 back in the '80s. About the only thing you may want to do, and you probably want to anyway, is upgrade the rear suspension, stock is pretty...
  15. owenbrau

    Dealer Backlash!

    To be honest, having watched my local go through this successfully, It seems a bit one-sided. But yes, it can be expensive. So I'll ask you all; do you support your dealer? Do you get service done there, buy accessories and maintenance items (oil, etc) there? Or do they only see you when it is...
  16. owenbrau

    A "cool" oil cooler alternative to the stock oil cooler

    I have one of the older versions of this cooler, and I really love the way it looks, much cleaner than stock. I like the black tubes, is that anodized or paint?
  17. owenbrau

    Agony Aunt letter

  18. owenbrau

    EBay return

    I avoid buying from overseas, particularly China or other Asian vendors, as much because of the delay in getting things but also the quality and/or counterfeit issues.
  19. owenbrau

    Babes On Bikes *NSFW*

    I love a woman with tattoos. It tells me she is willing to do things she might regret later!
  20. owenbrau

    Is it possible to put a suicide shifter on the T100?

    Suicide shift isn't about only shifting down, it refers to either the old-style hand shift where you had to take a hand off the grips to shift, or to the also old-style foot clutch, where you had to keep the pedal depressed when stopped as there was no "neutral" position.
  21. owenbrau

    lucas light fitment

    I just got the kit, and I have a problem. The instruction say to put "the ring terminal" over the top screw on the underside of the fender, but unless I am blind I don't see any such thing down there. Am I in trouble? It looks like it will fit fine, the extra holes won't show and the spacers...