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  1. roadmanbo

    Asagiri-Kogen at Mt. Fuji in Japan with new Bell Bullitt

    Just to say hello again from Japan!
  2. roadmanbo

    Tail light kit produced by Canyon Racer

    Just to share this picture of my newly attached tail light kit produced by Canyon Racer, in combination with Lucas-stye signal lights, on my Bonneville.
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    It has been for a while...

    It has been for a while since my last message, and I just say hello to all from Japan!
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    My favorite angle of watching Bonnie

    What is yours?
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    Feeling 05:00am-fresh air

    After the rainy season, this year’s summer has already arrived in Japan. In these days, it has been very HOT during daytime, and the best times for Bonneville riding is either early morning or after dark. Waking up early in Sunday morning, it was indeed just a great times to feel a lot of...
  6. roadmanbo

    Introducing my new website! (roadmanbo)

    This is to announce that my new website, Book of my Journey with Bonneville, has been open to public. The site is something to do with my Bonneville life such as riding photos, Bonnevillee modifications, and garage life. Please fell free to stop by when you have a time. Although the web site is...
  7. roadmanbo

    Sunset colors in the rainy season in Japan

    In Japan, it is in the middle of the rainy season now. On this day, it was a rainy day in the morning, but it was a pleasant weather in the afternoon. So, I took my Bonneville out of the garage to enjoy a few hours ride. By the time I came back to my home, there was sunset colors in the sky. It...
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    Handlebar Risers from Motone Customs

    This is the another follow-up thread to the previous post. I ordered Handlebar Risers from Motone Customs on Ebay, and one week after I ordered, the small package has arrived here in Japan from England. As you can see, there are high-quality products with silver colors that should be well...
  9. roadmanbo

    Off-set handle bar post for Bonneville

    This is the follow-up thread to the previous one. The off-set handlebar post for Bonneville is one of the original parts sold by Triumph North Yokohama in Japan. The product description says that the handle bar can be relocated by about one inch closer to the rider. Well, it sounds nice for...
  10. roadmanbo

    Flipping Norman Hyde M bar on Bonneville

    The Norman Hyde M bar has been my favorite handle bar for my Bonneville. After using this for several years, I tried to flip the M bar while expecting more cafe-racer looks. It turned out to be excellent combination with Norman Hyde rear set kit (“back-step” kit) especially for winding roads...
  11. roadmanbo

    On the seashore road at Noto, Japan

    These are some of the pictures that I took during the recent three-day-trip to Noto-Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. The Nagisa-Driveway (Seashore road) is the only road running on the beach in Japan. The top picture was taken at 6:00am on May 1, while the picture below was taken at...
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    Just to say hello from Japan...

    Well, this is my self-portrait with my Bonneville. Still very cold in Japan. I can't wait for Spring to come!
  13. roadmanbo

    Happy New Year from Japan!

  14. roadmanbo

    Custum painting of Bonneville Eyebrow emblem

    Waiting for a month after I ordered the emblem paint at the custom paint shop, the finsihed emblem arrived today. As you can see, I requested the shop to paint my emblem with the image of the one for 1971 Bonnevile T120. I am satisfied with the professional job as you can see the details.
  15. roadmanbo

    Mini Stop @ 7pm

    This year’s rainy season in Japan was finally over, and the summer has arrived. During the day trip with my Bonneville, I often stop by at one of those convinience stores. In Japan, the convenience stores are very popular, such as 7-Eleven, Lawson, and Circle-K. My favorite is Mini Stop which...
  16. roadmanbo

    Preload front fork adjusters for Bonneville

    A parcel, Preload front fork adjusters, has arrived today from Taiwan. I purchased these at ebay shop, simonchantw_gmail who has listed various Bonneville parts on ebay. Most Bonneville users have noticed that similar parts have been around at other Bonneville custom parts shops (such as British...
  17. roadmanbo

    NewBonneville Idle Mixture Screws

    Adjusting the pilot screw (idle micture screw) for Bonneville needs D-type screw driver. By replacing the original pilot screw (the shorter ones) with NewBonneville Idle Mixture Screws, you can adjust the screw by fingers without tools. In addition, one can control the setting (rounds) by...
  18. roadmanbo

    Dynojet Stage I kit for Bonneville

    Adjusting the carburetor setting is fun, but sometimes annoying, thing to play with. Today, I would like to share with you about installing Dynojet Stage I kit for Bonneville (2006 model, of course the carb model). Dynojet Stage I kit comes with the main parts, Fuel Needles (or jet needle) and...
  19. roadmanbo

    Lucas-TVS headlight for Bonneville

    Modifications of Bonneville with Lucas-style lightings such as tail light and signal lights, are common, attempting to make it more traditional British motorcycles. Today, I would like to introduce the traditional headlight, Lucas-TVS, for Bonneville with 7 inch-size headlight. In comparing...
  20. roadmanbo

    FLO Oil filter for Bonneville (PC Racing PCS1)

    I usually replace the oil filter with the new one at everytime the engine oil is changed. I have been using a stainless steel re-usable oil filter, PCS1, from PC Racing (U.S.A). Although the re-usability is apparent advantage of this product, according to PC Racing, it offers consistent...
  21. roadmanbo

    On the sunny sky day in the rainy season (Japan)

    Although it is in the middle of the rainy season in Japan (from early June to the middle of July), it was a very sunny sky day yesterday. With the Norman Hyde Peashooter silencer, the main jet (from #110 to #115) and slow jet (from #40 to #45) were changed. As a result, my bonneville is now in...
  22. roadmanbo

    Lithium-ion battery (SKYRICH HJTX12-FP-SI) for Bonneville

    After using the original YUASA battery (YTX12-BS) for my Bonneville (2006 carb model) for at least 5 years, I have replaced it with one of Lithium ion battery, SKYRICH HJTX12-FP-SI. In addition to its environmental-friendly nature, the apparent advantage of the Lithium ion battery over...
  23. roadmanbo

    10 reasons to install the center stand for Bonneville

    Not all the motorcycles are perfect. As to Bonneville, several items are missing that are normally installed for other motorcycles, such as hazard light, mechanic tools, space under the seat, and center stand. Regarding the center stand, I have had Norman Hyde center stand (HYDE CENTRE STAND for...
  24. roadmanbo

    Metal Mule Pannior cases for Bonneville

    As far as loading capacity for travelling equipment, Bonneville is not the best motorcycle as it is not designed in such purposes. As I often travel long-distance with Bonneville for up to a week, I have tried to use several luggage system and ended up using the hard pannier cases. The most...