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    Passing the Torch

    NBR members, my brothers and sisters of the Church of the Hinckley Twins, my stewardship of the NBR forum has come to a close. Please extend a welcome to the new NBR owner Randy Birkey (rbirkey), a brother-of-the-road, hard-core Triumph enthusiast / adventurist / modder / blogger, and seriously...
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    Sharky series headlamp brackets update
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    D9 online

    Check us out sometime Website (in progress) and FB
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    WTB EFI Thruxton top yoke

    Stock condition Thanks D9
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    WTB stock Bonneville T100 top yokes

    In good condition. SE / Thruxton / Scram will not work, need standard Bonneville or T100 upper yokes only. Thanks, D9
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    Triumph Twin Power is here!

    Very pleased to announce the addition of Triumph Twin Power to the NBR Vendors Forum! From TTP: "Triumph Twin Power is an engineering company based in Dorset, England and has been in business since 2007. It’s a family run business and is mainly involved with fuelling, ignition, induction...
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    Maundspeed joins the NBR forum

    A big welcome from the NBR forum to Maundspeed! James Maund is the 3rd generation in his family specializing in crafting original, highest quality castings and fabricated parts for two wheels, a legacy that goes all the way back to 1854. All Maund products are designed and manufactured in Los...
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    Misc projects

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    Standard VDO Bonneville dash wanted

    If you've upgraded to the factory electronic VDO tach kit, I'm looking for the standard electronic (CANBUS) VDO Bonneville single-speedo dash bracket with indicator housing, indicator lamps and wiring - these items are not used with the factory VDO tach kit. Don't need the speedo or cup. VDO...
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    Ignition relo bracket for 1st generation Thruxton

    New ignition relo lay flat bracket kit for 1st generation Thruxtons with factory clip-ons. Some wire splicing and soldering is required as this bracket kit uses mini-LED warning lamps. Contact [email protected] for information...
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    VDO instrument cups

    Beginning production on the new VDO instrument cups, with built-in push button trip reset on the speedo cup... functions the same way as the stock plastic unit. [email protected]
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    Little wing sprocket cover

    A customer sent me a sprocket cover with a big chunk busted out of it... ended up having some fun with what was left :D
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    Benjie's does a Thruxton

    Hell yeah!
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    MV Augusta concept

    Cool... the orginal...
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    Finned sprocket cover DIY

    Required items... Bonneville America / Speedmaster finned sprocket cover ($15 on fleabay) bench vise, various wood blocks, hacksaw, coping saw, angle grinder, flex shaft tool and grinding burrs, portable drill with flap wheel, safety googles, gloves, ear protection. If refinishing the cover add...
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    Bonnie top yoke riser hole cap plugs

    Riser hole cap plug kits for Bonneville owners converting to clip-ons and keeping the Bonnie top yoke. [email protected]
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    DIY Formotion clock on stock VDO instrument bracket, pics

    I've had several inquiries from Bonnie & Thruxton owners with the new VDO electronic instruments who like the location and angle of the stock bracket and simply desire to mount a clock in the available space on the bracket face. In the spirit of DIY, this may be a conversion easily done in the...
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    Reworked headlamp brackets / fork ears

    Reworked headlamp brackets - been wanting to do these for awhile. I really like the graceful shapes and contours of the stock units and the way they throw off highlights & shadows - just wanted to see them cleaned up, thinking they'd give the Bonnie a little more old-skool cool. FYI...
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    Some very nice looking repro classic ammeters - very cool! Wiring article
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    Bar ends

    Bar ends for 1" OD open-end (non-drilled) NH M-bars & CRG mirrors. Ends are machined from black delrin, fastener is a beefy M8, with custom urethane expansion plug. Mirrors easily removed for use as bar end slider only. Tired of shimming hardware intended for 7/8" bars, wanted something...
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    Revised stem nut GPS / Camera mounts

    304 Stainless steel, working prototypes pictured - continuing fine-tuning various caps, internals, and threading - experimenting with two piece (changeable cap) and one piece units. Various possibilities including clock mount... also looking into a cap with embedded LED warning lamps to replace...
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    The next generation

    Saw the special edition 2010 thruxton SE - white with red frame - today at my dealers - a stunning bike! Better in RL than in pictures, by far. Among other interesting things, it had the new style gauges with indicator lamps built into the gauge faces - very cool - and no speedo cable to the...
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    Refinishing & satin polishing outer fork tubes

    Slide show of the process just completed. Couple of before & after detail pics below. On this project the two fender stay tabs on each tube were removed as a super clean look was...
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    Verona Bike Expo

    Some interesting Hinckleys and other stuff as well... thought this was well done: Pics and post by Spantax from the Italian Triumphchepassione forum...