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  1. Dave

    2012 Bonneville SE $5000

    I want to get an adventure bike, so one of mine must go. Actually I have a couple vintage Hondas for sale as well if anyone is interested... but this is about my super sweet Bonneville. Just put new fork seals on it a couple weeks ago, it needs nothing and it ready to roll. 3500 miles and...
  2. Dave

    Loose Center Stand

    2012 Bonneville SE, center stand seems like the springs are bad, it doesn't want to come up easily and it bounces around when riding. Any fixes besides new springs? Is something loose that I'm not seeing?
  3. Dave

    National Cycle Street Shield EX

    Fits the Bonneville, mounts at the upper fork and handlebars. Easy and fast to put on and take off. Not really tall enough to be useful for me. Apparently all my photo files are too large to upload but I'll keep trying. 75 bucks plus shipping
  4. Dave

    WTB Coils

    If you have any old ignition coils, shoot me a message. I have a project and need 3. Thanks!
  5. Dave

    2000 Legend

    So I picked up a pretty nice Legend for a good price last week. Last owner couldn't get it running properly. I brought it home and took the carbs apart, first thing was a missing needle seat in one of the carbs. Ok, no big deal, might explain why it wont rev up any higher than idle... Get that...
  6. Dave

    Biltwell Gringo Tracker black/white Large

    Only worn a handful of times. I bought this one and then as soon as I did they came out with the S model with the flip up visor that I really wanted so this one is sitting in the box. No marks, scratches, blemishes, or scuffs. Looking to get 125 for it. More pics available on request
  7. Dave

    Billet Intake Manifolds (Black)

    Have a set of these that need to find a new shelf to sit on, or better yet, a bike to be installed on! I have smoothed the insides better than they were originally, could still use a bit more work to get perfect. Since they are aluminum, it wont take mush to finish the job. Increase your torque...
  8. Dave

    Pop up gas cap FS

    Never installed, been on a shelf for years. Shiny chrome. It doesn't fill in the console of the America/Speedmaster as well as I'd like, but would look pretty tits on the Bonneville line. You've seen these on the usual Triumph vendor sites, they call it a retractable gas cap. 35 bucks will...
  9. Dave

    Triangle Crash Bars FS

    the book says they will fit Bonneville, T100, Thruxton, America and Speedmaster in excellent condition, aside from a bit of bug guts that I'll clean off before shipping I'll ship them to you for $125
  10. Dave

    engine cover wanted

    got a buddy of mine looking for the primary cover and the stator cover, condition is not important, nor is finish, as long as they are dirt cheap thanks
  11. Dave

    Thought You Guys Might Appreciate This...

    My friend Eric owns a shop here in St. Louis that specializes in vintage bikes, he also sells new Royal Enfield. Cool little video about him and his shop.
  12. Dave

    Head, Valves, Cams for sale

    I have a spare head, perfect condition, grey, not black. Off a 790 The cams are Bonneville 360 degree Valves are good, still in head. Will sell complete or separate if you only need parts. Will consider trades for other parts. 500 for the whole kit 250 for the head 150 for cams 100 for...
  13. Dave

    Busted Starter

    If anyone has a starter that fried or broke a gear or whatever, let me know. I just need the case for one.
  14. Dave

    Procom CDI for America/Speedmaster

    got an email today, the long wait is over! Our fully reprogrammable CDI for Triumph America and Speedmaster is available now. Please see the attached picture and application chart (PDF). It come with our software CD and programmable extension cable. The unit price is $198.00 plus...
  15. Dave

    Donelson Cycles Christmas Party St. Louis

    Saturday, the 20th from 10-3. Anyone here going? Shoot me a pm. Dave
  16. Dave

    Keihin CR on America

    Anyone here have them on anything? I am getting a set for a very good deal, looking to improve on the stock carbs until I can afford some 39s or 42s. Same ones British Customs sells here...
  17. Dave

    From St. Louis

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this site, but am always on 2002 Bonneville America, 904, port polished head with +1 mm oversize valves, lots of chrome, goes real fast. Anyone my way want to ride, I'm up for it. Dave