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    Greetings from Northern Cali

    Welcome from the Seattle area!
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    Hello from the snowy Sierra

    Welcome to the forum Greyrider - enjoy the search for that Bonnie. Great picture by the way!
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    Hello from Florida

    Welcome from the Seattle area - a very nice bike you got there!
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    Let there be Motolight!

    Looks great kdharri. I've heard great things about Motolight.
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    Asagiri-Kogen at Mt. Fuji in Japan with new Bell Bullitt

    Always love your pictures roadmanbo!
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    Recovering yamaha addict

    Beautiful - the brown seat and bags look awesome - enjoy your T-120!
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    Where is triumph?

    I wonder if their marketing department feels there's more impact from those "Live" events they have been hosting in specific Triumph dealerships in the US. The IMS shows no longer stop in Seattle...used to love going to those.
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    2011 Thunderbird Storm for sale

    Congratulations on the sale, and your upcoming retirement!
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    Workin on em or ridin em

    My personal experience has been that my wrenching skills usually leave things in worse shape, so I end up supporting those who are much better at it than me, which is probably for the best.
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    FI Bonneville Partial Throttle Response

    I don't know if this is what you are experiencing, but my 2013 Speedmaster would very occasionally die when starting from a stop, say at a stop light. The dealer adjusted the throttle bodies and upped the idle (looks like just below 1100 rpms), and the problem has gone away.
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    More BMWs that look like a motorcycle...

    Really like the Pure! I could definitely see that in my garage! The scrambler looks pretty darn nice as well.
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    Bonneville Bobber

    I love the older BMWs. On my list is something from the 70's.
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    Mr. Pavement and I had a chat.

    Hope you are all healed up, and it looks like the bike will be soon!
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    Bonneville Bobber

    The more I see it, the more I like it! But I agree, the floating seat takes some getting used to.
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    A New Steed (And a few questions..)

    Welcome! I can't help with the identification of your pipes, but they and the Bonnie look good!