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    Anyone taken a long road trip on their Bonnie

    Rode my mag wheel 2011 Bonneville from Seattle to Virginia Beach in the summer of 2011. Took the windshield off in Idaho and put it in a dumpster, but otherwise not one problem at all for 3200 miles. (A day after I got to VA, I rode it 500 miles to Upstate NY and 500 miles back)
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    150/70-17 Tires/Tyres for 07 Bonnie Rear OEM Rims

    I don't have pics, but I ran a 150/70 Pirelli MT-60 on my mag wheel bike last year for a few months. It was very nice in the dirt and gravel, but garbage on the street. Always felt a little off, like it was low on air even when it was not.
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    Eeek Guns!

    Don't fool yourself. As someone who often works with that flavor of "feds" I can promise you nobody gives a shit about motorcycle websites.
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    I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD

    Thanks. I am glad you like it. After the 2011 got totalled back in Feb, I ordered this one. Already have 11,000 miles on it. I love these bikes!
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    Quick bafflectomy question

    No, I went in from the back with the mufflers still on the bike, and drilled into the (intermediate?) plate with 6 3/8" holes per muffler. I would just have cut out the baffle, but I lacked a tool that would allow that at the time. If I were doing it again, I would have made a few more holes...
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    Quick bafflectomy question

    No I used a long (electrician's) drill bit. 3/8 inch diameter. I drilled about 6 holes in each side. Easy as pie. Took all of 10 minutes.
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    Quick bafflectomy question

    I did this on the TORS on my 2011 Mag Wheel bike before I eventually got new cans. I liked the way the TORS sounded with the baffle perforated.
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    I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD

    My new English lady catting around with a bunch of Italians.
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    Don't Use the Wife's Good Pot to Boil a Chain

    I have done no shortage of kitchen-counter gunsmithing. Hard to get it all cleaned up before she comes home from shopping...
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    how many miles this year?

    Wrecked the 2011 Bonnie in FEB. Got the 2014 in May, and I have 11,000 on it.
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    new Bonnie owner questions

    It's been my experience that these dealers know very little about non-factory mods. My dealer in VA didn't even know what TUNECU was, and kept telling me not to install a Power Commander (not even close to what I was asking) and that the AI system made it run better. here, read the...
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    Installing a center stand.

    I didn't have any trouble. There's a few youtube videos of the install that I was able to watch when I got stuck. I have the mag wheel bike, so maybe my exhaust brackets are different from yours.
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    Ducati Scrambler

    The "scrambler" is hardly a Triumph thing. That name has been around for decades and used by several makers.
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    Humvee knocked me off my bike

    I'm in the general area around Naples. It's the Detroit of Italy (sucky). I'm not Italian, I'm active duty US Navy stationed over here. I'm a New Yorker from the farmland around the Catskills.
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    Humvee knocked me off my bike

    Good for you bro. I was riding pretty much right away (about 10 days off) and bought a beater Honda Hornet to ride while I waited (and still wait) for delivery of my 2014 Bonneville. Italians are usually really good about bikers, because they all start out on 2 wheels at around 14 or so. This...