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    steering stem adjustment

    Yeah, something like that but its a weird size. I have all the sizes for the old bicycle headsets, none fit. It is something crazy like 38.7mm.
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    steering stem adjustment

    If you find a source please post it up. I've had no luck.
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    T100 + Alpina Wheels...

    So awesome. I am debating between these or the Carrozzera's for my Thruxton. Are the rims any wider than stock? I saw they have a rim and spoke kit if you want to build them onto your existing hubs.
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    front wheel bounce

    Fork brace did nothing for me, took it off. The steering damper though is awesome! So much more stable and confidence inspiring when the going gets fast and rough.
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    Bonafide's CBs vs Newbonnies

    I just bought a cafe'd CB350 with a bunch of race mods (big bore, carbs, etc ) from a local vintage racer. Cheap like borscht, can't wait to ride it and compare it to my modded 2006 Thruxton. Its getting a thorough going over at the garage right now before I pick it up next week, will report back.
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    Question on Cams

    Hmmm, my local shop is a British Customs dealer and I would prefer to go through the shop. Still a good way to go? Looking for more low and midrange power on my 2006 thrux.
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    LSL clip ons?

    Thanks for the replies. I ended up going with the LSL bars, huge improvement over stock. Low speed steering is way better and more comfortable at any speed. That 1 inch makes a big diffference it seems. I also ordered the LSL rearsets, don't have them yet but am really looking forward to...
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    BC CNC brake res

    Nope, its been on for a while now, no leaking.
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    Procom Igniter

    Dang, sorry to hear about that. I really don't know what my stock igniter number was. My local shop is a British Customs dealer and they brought it in and installed it for me. My old stock one was toast, cutting out and tach not reading. All good now.
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    Procom Igniter

    I had this put on to fix my Tach which was not reading at all on my 2006 Thruxton. Not only is my tach now working but the bike runs much smoother with much better throttle response. Very nice!
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    Ikon rear shox

    OMG! This is a huge improvement and my Thrux now feels like a motorcycle should (IMHO). Way more responsive and a nice match to the Ikon front springs.
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    BC CNC brake res

    The plastic front brake res on my 2006 Thrux was the only thing that really bugged me about how the bike looked. I ordered up the British Customs CNC front brake res that does away with the plastic cup as well as the rubber hose. Looks waaay better, really cleans up the front.:up:
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    Ikon springs

    Installed my Ikon springs in my Thruxton last week. Great upgrade for not much$. Better response and waaay less fork dive. Props to Newthruxton for the great service!
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    Foot Pegs!?!?!

    I've got those levers on order, you guys have me thinking I need the pegs too!
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    LSL clip ons?

    Hello, I am considering a set of the LSL 1 inch higher clip ons for my 2006 Thruxton. Has anyone on here had any experience with them? Also considering the LSL rearsets. Thanks!