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    What helmet?

    Nolan helmets are the only ones I have been happy with. I have had 3 of my last 4 as a version of the Nolan n-100. The 4th was a cheap imitation that lasted only til I could get another Nolan.
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    I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD

    Where did you get the mirrors?
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    odd carb goo

    Could it be kidney stones that you scared out of a Harley rider?
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    Gearchange shafts?

    I have learned something today.......
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    Looks like I've got a carb problem

    :):)Sync. Good set of vacuum gages and a 6 pack for patience will balance them at idle. I'm intrigued with your new method of checking balance, and wondering what the device looks like to check at full throttle under load....... I am envisioning a white painted board attached to riders...
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    '12 Bonnie, added engine guards and fork gaiters

    SW Motech do look great, and fit fantastic straight from the box. Wonderfully engineered with all of the correct hardware.
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    Anyone taken a long road trip on their Bonnie

    Mistermellow did a circle of the country a few years ago. I have lost contact with him, but let me see if his travel adventures are still on the site.
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    Engine Removal Project

    No expert here, but I have spent my entire walking life repairing mechanical and other devices, but it sounds as though the hole has not "shrunk", but that the case has warped. It takes a lot of heat to do that. Either way, the remedy is the same. Align boring is the only way to get all the...
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    Engine Removal Project

    Fantastic news Hedge. I have been following closely, and encouaged by your progress. You have every right to be proud of your work, and I will now really keep an eye on my Bonnie getting hot.
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    Babes On Bikes *NSFW*

    Straight guys are lovin it.
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    Don't Use the Wife's Good Pot to Boil a Chain

    My brothers and I got caught when mom came home early. It was not pretty, but all 3 of us together were unable to convince her that heating exhaust parts in the oven before painting with high temp paint, and then baking the paint on as it dries was actually a good thing. It just seemed so...
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    Final ride for my very good friend and brother

    God bless his family, and his friends with the peace JC has now found. My heart breaks for the surviving loved ones, and rejoices for the man who faced his last days with all of grace and dignity we all aspire to.
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    Happy Thanksgiving NBR!

    God bless you for trusting us with your story. God bless your family and friends for the strength and support they gave you. God bless her doctors, nurses, lab techs and everyone who worked for the goal of her healing. God bless Mrs. Tang for earning the title of Survivor. Happy...
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    [email protected]

    Now you see the kind of bad things that happen to people who do all of this dangerous "physical exercise?" I look a little smarter now, don't I?
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    how to spend my money?

    Our winters are mostly cold mud, not much snow. Summers can be hotter than the gates of hell. I would not live any where else, but there are some wonderful places elsewhere I like to visit.