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    how many miles this year?

    8,000 miles this year. Such fun!
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    Nice day for a ride

    Cheers! :-) I love it too...
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    Scotland's Vote for Independence

    I should have added a "lol". I apologise. I was joking...
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    Scotland's Vote for Independence

    However, each Englishman is subsidising the scots £1700 a year...
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    Ducati Scrambler

    Not sure that Ducati are aiming at Triumph. The Triumph Scrambler is a classic type bike. The Ducati scrambler is totally modern, looking at younger hip people and older people who want a lighter machine. Although both called Scrambler, I don't see them as the same type of bike. So...
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    Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

    Here's the link to my vid of the Oxford Ride! : And here's a link to the pictures I took: If there any photos of you that you would like, message me on Facebook and I'll email / message them to you...
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    Scotland's Vote for Independence

    She is not supposed to comment on politics, just advise. So she kept quite quiet...
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    Scotland's Vote for Independence

    English and proud I'm English, however, I always say that I am British first and if pushed, I will say English. I have got some Welsh and Scottish in me too (and no, I wouldn't like any more! ;-) ) I am VERY proud to be British, for what we have done in the past, for the good, and in...
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    Help. Just bought an 08 Bonneville

    Welcome Zenn. Enjoy the rest of the summer!
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    Advice and ideas

    +1. Wow.
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    Nice day for a ride

    Absolutely gorgeous bike and view. Congrats!
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    Triumphs around Hampshire UK

    Hello all. Another vid of our (street triple and thruxton) trip around Hampshire yesterday! Had a great time and put both bikes' footage together last night. Was rather hot but gorgeous England - Jane Austen lived in this county! Found some beautiful villages. Oh and a bit of poking fun...
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    Triumph Live 2014 - Warwickshire UK

    It's most years. Should be every year now. Most dealers advertise it... Got sooo many emails about it. Surprised it wasn't on here though!
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    Triumph Live 2014 - Warwickshire UK

    Dear all, Couldn't see this posted anywhere else. Went to Triumph Live at Gaydon in the UK. It was held at the Heritage Motor Museum and as such was difficult not to be distracted by the cars! Anyway, excellent day out. Loads of exhibits, custom bikes, dealers showing off, and stunt...
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    Hi from Wales

    Welcome from boring and flat Buckinghamshire! I love North Wales, especially around the Rhinogs... (no euphemism intended!)