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    odd carb goo

    Left over junk from a fracking operation in your area......probably tiny bubbles of water !
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    Ace Cafe coming to Orlando!

    Hmmm, Ace café with mickey mouse ears.....might be worth a trip just to see that.....;-)
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    Waxed Cotton

    Directions on my duster say to wash with plain water and let dry...
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    Babes On Bikes *NSFW*

    Nice one Bud, gives making a peach pie a whole different ball game !
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    Movie Triumph's

    Coogans Bluff was probably the most awesome chase scene ever.....
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    Rewiring Project

    Perseverance Thks back Bret, you have the aptitude and patience to be a mechanic, it there was any part of mechanical work that would stop a new mechanic in his or her tracks it would be the electronics....modern bikes have such a complex wiring system that even with a schematic you can...
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    Rewiring Project

    You are a brave man, my friend, but watching go through the process has been entertaining and informative in so many ways..... Thanks for sharing that with us....
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    This last summer and more.

    Although it's not about motorcycles, this book captures the joy and wonder of back roads and highways.....
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    Happy Thanksgiving NBR!

    Thanks You are a very fortunate man Tang, all the best wishes to you and your loved ones, thank you for sharing with us what has happened and it is such a wonderful thing that you have overcome all that adversity and are blessed to be surrounded with your family and friends on this day. My...
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    Bonnie's Facelift

    horns.....?? "Loud pipes save Lives !".....lmao...
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    Juuuust kidding y'all....on the warm days I have a mesh armored jacket and wear Duluth Trading company tough jeans, boots and helmet and gloves....if it cools off I'll wear a sweatshirt, even cooler a long underwear under the sweatshirt. The nice thing about down here is that even if it's cold...
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    Hanging up my helmet , gear for sale

    Sounds pretty serious Doug,more than I doubt you have tried to work it out but from what you wrote, it sounds dicey.... There is nothing more stressful to try your best to continue to function when your body tells you it ain't gonna happen with out pain.... as you do, I have to...
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    Hanging up my helmet , gear for sale

    Sorry to hear about your physical problems Doug, and can appreciate what you're going through since I have much the same problem...mine is spinal stenosis and makes riding more than an hour painful. I have added a sidecar to the Bonneville, and after several tries found a bar arrangement that...
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    And even today, the temp has leveled out at about 74 so I wore my arctic parka and two pairs of long underwear..... Hey LoVel, you must have been in Jacksonville, or Bayard but either place is about the same...and you well know the weather during the just have to pick the good...
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    Hanging up my helmet , gear for sale

    try a few pictures please....