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    2004 Bonneville Black

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    2004 Bonneville Black

    2004 Bonneville Black 26,500 miles Predator pipes, rejetted carbs, pod air filters, New Bonneville blinkers and tail light. Icon rear suspension, progressive springs in the forks, all original parts come with. I am the second owner, I bought it with 4000 miles in 2007. I will...
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    New Rider

    Howdy Budd! Try a MSF course(or it's Canadian equivalent). Get licensed , get a price break on insurance, and get to riding.
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    how to spend my money?

    Try a month or 2 off and see how you like it. I would try a short break and take a nice long ride around the country.
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    Spontainous purchase

    WELCOME, SLARTYBART ! You found a good place.
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    Stolen Bonneville

    Damn glad you got your bike back. I would be worried the fucktards would be back. They have seen where you keep it and whatever else you might have. A cheap security cam might go a long way toward piece of mind.
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    Scooters, I just don't get them??

    woah, woah, woah. I am not buying a scooter. I said I was just looking. And maybe just one roll around the block. Maybe once around south Austin. If it were late and I had on a full face. hmph.
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    Scooters, I just don't get them??

    I have to admit I am attracted to the Honda Ruckus. It's like the minibike I never got. :scooter:
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    Motorcycle boots for commuting

    I think the goretex is too hot for central Texas. I am a fan of the aerostich combat Lites. Break in was a bitch , and too much walking would be bad, but they are nice.
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    Christmas Presents

    The heelers are very interested in the loud hairless puppy who gets whatever she wants. I reiterate, best Christmas ever. Sophia Renee:D
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    Christmas Presents

    The best Christmas I have ever had.
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    Seasons Greetings

    All three of mine were spoiled rotten today! I wish I was half the man my dogs thought I was. Y Prospero Nuevo Ano Tambien!
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    Seasons Greetings

    Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas! To all of You! Please don't post divisive political posts on this day.
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    You never know

    Chin up, Two Dogs. Our problems do not define us, our approach to them does. It sounds like you have the right approach for you going on. Heal quick!
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    Multiple Bikes...keeping them charged?

    I recently saw an ad for a generic Battery Tender. They were about 15 apiece instead of 40. Do you need 5 chargers or can you roll with one charger and 5 pigtails? Let's see a pic of the Norton!