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    Slightly customised Scrambler

    The latest incarnation :-)
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    Norman Hyde Rearsets

    I have a set for the scrambler, but they would probably be no good for the Bonnie. Rob
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    2013 bonneville suspension advice

    I have both the Honda stanchions and the Ricor Intimidators........both are an excellent value for money purchase. Rob
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    Handlebar Clamp should all be in there
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    My Scronnaqueen

    The bike sits about 3.5cm much better for me. The forks work properly, and I will have Ohlins on the back in the next two weeks........
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    My Scronnaqueen

    yep, with cbr600 stanchions and cartridges.....if you look at the last picture you can just see the adjusters
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    My Scronnaqueen

    Thought you might like to see my latest project.........forks are CBR600 and rear shocks are from a scrambler...started off as a Bonnie.
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    Handlebar Clamp

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    Handlebar Clamp

    The 7/8 handlebar clamps from the Thunderbird 900 fit. I have a set on my scrambler. Rob
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    What is the latest about the starting/battery/ECU problems in EFI Bonnevilles?

    I've had my scram for 18 problem. Ron
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    Ricors in, bike up

    I'm just about to fit some cbr600 stanchions on the front to level up the scrambler rear shocks I already have on the will without doubt make both the side and centrestands I need to work out what'll fit. Rob
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    Ricors in, bike up

    Has anyone fitted a Thruxton side or centrestand to their Bonnie? Does it fit with factory exhausts?
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    Slightly customised Scrambler

    Unfortunately, they went out of stock 60 years or so ago......... Rob
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    TORS on an EFI Scrambler

    I have both the TORs and the map................I have used Tune ECU..........I wonder if it would be possible to zip the map and email it? Rob
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    Scrambler pulling to the right

    As you say it may well be twisted....the cure in the old days was to slacken everything (yoke clamps) and bump it against a wall and then tighten everything..hey presto.fixed....always worth checking the rear wheel has been adjusted correctly when adjusting the chain. Rob