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    Dealer Backlash!

    this does not bode well. my local dealer is a small single brand shop in a poor part of town in an old industrial building = perfect. I hope they are not affected.
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    Has Any One Else Had These Problems with their Street Twin?

    My 2016 Thruxton has no problems other than the fuel pump harness recall. The harness on my Thruxton is not leaking.
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    shifter, gear worries.

    Which model? The early air cooled twins have relatively small shift shafts that are easily bent.  Simple job to replace.
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    Which tyres for T100

    Avon roadriders in the stock sizes
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    Where is triumph?

    The show date coincides with santacon. Lots of very pretty young women dressed like elves drinking and making bad decisions
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    Where is triumph?

    in 2004 I saw the Thruxton at the NYC show. I bought one. I also saw the Daytona 675 there, bought 2. then the street triple, bought it. the 1050 Speed triple, bought it. the Tiger 800, yup bought it. last year I saw the new Thruxton and I bought one. so the bike show has been profitable for...
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    Where is triumph?

    Triumph will not be at the NYC bike show this year! No Moto Guzzi either. Royal Enfield will be there. Oh well I can check out the new BMWs
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    Official Thruxton Picture Thread

    Some of my triumphs
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    More BMWs that look like a motorcycle...

    They will get me into the showroom
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    New thruxton

    This is what mine looks like today
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    Official Thruxton Picture Thread

    Now that I have a 2016 Thruxton I've civilized the 05
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    FS: Bonneville panniers, proceeds to charity. Black, l+r pair + fittings.

    Great bags. Great price. But I already have a pair
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    Thruxton flyscreen

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    Thruxton flyscreen

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