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    I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD

    Damn that looks good... outstanding job R. Hawks!!
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    T100 speedometer dial face repair

    Badger, Congrats on the T-100! The instruments on our bikes are not meant to be opened. I've seen it done but it's a PITA - using a high-quality, small flat-blade screwdriver bit and possibly a needle nose pliers and some other odds & ends, ever so carefully prying back the bottom of the...
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    Dealer Backlash!

    Man, what a bummer!
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    Recovering yamaha addict

    Good lookin' ride, congrats - haven't seen a set of bags look that good on a Triumph in quite some time.
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    Mr. Pavement and I had a chat.

    TX... arrghh... crashing sucks! Glad you're ok... gear worked like it should... heal up fast as you're able, looks like the bike came through mostly intact.
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    Babes On Bikes *NSFW*

    Whoa...Is that her?
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    Hello from San Francisco

    Welcome twiggidy!
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    D9 online

    Thank you DB!
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    Workin on em or ridin em

    Me too
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    Hello from STL

    Welcome to NBR and congrats on the new bike!
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    keys lost

    So where were they???
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    Hello from Missouri, USA

    Welcome to NBR mr_misfit!
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    Wifes T120 getting workwize.

    Beautiful bike, congrats... looks good bags and all!
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    Congrats... and who knew... two grumpys = one happy marriage
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    Restoring rusty trailer wheels

    Nice trailer and the wheel resto looks great!