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    Loose Center Stand

    you may find the two nuts and bolts that hold it in place are loose. this has happened to me a couple of times, so now I run a spanner over them every oil change and all good
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    Fuel Mileage Per Tank?

    miler per gallon varies a lot with these bikes short trips of a few miles then restarting a cold engine and another few miles they guzzle. if they havent been ridden often they guzzle, probably due to some fuel evaporation long steady rides they are ok in US gallons per mile mine ranges from...
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    2000 Legend

    I would have thought if it was idling ok but wouldnt rev that is carb/fuel related, not spark but now that you have fiddled with the pick up coil and there is no spark complicates things. from memory the air gap for the pickup should be 0.8mm, about the thickness of a credit card
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    Headlight night riding

    the last time the bulb blew on mine, I just flicked it to hi beam until such time that a new bulb was purchased it wasnt a problem with blinding incoming traffic as the Bonnie headlamp was shit anyway, hi-beam was like most other bikes lo-beam, until I upgraded the loom to a easten beaver relay...
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    What is your recommended motor oil?

    Silkolene Comp 4 15w-50, bike is at 130,000 Kilometers with no problems and still runs well started off with Silkolene 10w-40 but after about 50k and due to fairly hot summers here, went to 20w50, but it felt a bit stiff with the gear...
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    Experienced insight needed

    your throttle cables may need adjusting, pretty easy to do. amazing the difference between bikes of the same model all down to how the cables are adjusted
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    Ground locations on 2008 Bonneville

    The ground terminal is right under and at the rear of the engine connected to one of the crankcase bolts. its near where the tube for collecting crank case oil out of the airbox dangles
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    A New Steed (And a few questions..)

    not sure what I'm looking at with the first picture, but with the second it shows the tab washer bent over the nut for keeping the primary sprocket in place. this is correct as it prevents the nut from loosening not sure why it would turn off after idling for a while. is it after it has been...
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    Street Twin Brighter Headlight Option if anyone is interested

    for me a couple of years back it was new Cibie headlight. made out of proper metal and glass with a decent reflector rather than the miserable plastic stock globe, that also was burnt where the H4 bulb fits in. a Hella globe would just be as good, then I bought a relay kit from...
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    New head pipes yet?

    dont know about the header pipes, but Staintune have just announced after market mufflers for the 1200
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    Hello from STL

    welcome and anything you need to know about your bike just ask. plenty of knowledge on this forum
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    What helmet?

    well I have the Arai Phil Read replica, same as bluesforchallah, plus one of the Bell 500 Scratch open face helmets the Arai has been the most comfy helmet I've worn for years and the Bell is great for short summer trips
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    Pipe Wrapping / spray

    the header pipes on my Bonnie are now well beyond blue, more like burnt surface rust along the front, so header wrap looks like the easiest option for mine
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    Bonnie being a bitch

    I had to replace my Regulator Rectifier early this year as was not getting full charge to the battery and at first thought it was just a flat battery even though only a year old. eventually found that the old RR was delivering less than 12 Volts at 1200 RPM plus. bought a new one from Ricks and...
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    Bonnie being a bitch

    first thing is to clean the battery posts. maybe something as simple as a poor connection