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    Dart Marlin and Layflat Bracket

    Hi all - has anybody fit a Dart Marlin with a D9-like layflat bracket? Thoughts? Pictures? Thanks!
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    BC Sleepers exhaust

    Yep - but you'll get more out of it if you amend or remove the air box and plug the ai...
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    BC Sleepers exhaust

    I have sleepers with a NARK and O2 sensors removed. Not sure which map was used, but they sound damn sweet.
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    Dart Question

    Hi all - I used to have a National Cycle Flyscreen on my old Bonnie and it pushed my headlight up no matter what I did. How is the Dart in this department? I don't want to go any bigger than a flyscreen. If MAS was still making those aluminum ones I would go that route. Thanks for your advice.
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    Hedge's World Famous 8-Ball Choke Pull

    Still at it, Hedge?
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    Clocks 4 Bikes

    I agree, Ross and Linda are great. I am about to buy my third gauge from them.
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    I hear ya, Fender. I got two days in and spoiled the hell out of myself. Team Triumph really is top notch!
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    Hi all, Beaman here. I used to be a lot more active on this forum when I was riding an '08 Bonnie. Since then, I have owned a T-bird and Street Triple R. I just couldn't shake the Bonnie bug though and now own Gypsy, a build by Team Triumph (Janesville, WI). Here's a description of the bike via...
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    The Day The Music Dird

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    '08 Bonnie Wiring Help Needed

    Thanks 2 Monkeys, I basically did what you described. The solid black is actually another single silver tab. Lesson learned about trusting diagrams and not labeling wires like I usually do. Thanks again for your help! It's all working and my D9 bracket looks awesome.
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    '08 Bonnie Wiring Help Needed

    Thanks, 2monkeys. That would've been great if I could've done that ahead of time. I didn't realize that Haynes doesn't show the silver tabs on the black wires. If I can figure out what the black wires looked like for the alarm, I am set. The harness connector is useless for figuring this out...
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    '08 Bonnie Wiring Help Needed

    I have spent a couple of days trying to get the wiring right on a Mike's XS Mini Speedo on my '08 Bonnie. I have poured over several diagrams to no avail. The problem is that the wiring colors must have changed. I have a Haynes that goes up to '07 and that didn't help. If somebody could...
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    Pirelli calendar...NSFW

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    How to use an apostrophe

    *punctuation, well said otherwise!
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    last ride for a while

    Good luck with the recovery!