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    how to polish out a scratch

    My Staintunes also have a few superficial scratches on the left side, probably from a pillion's boot. I'm not polishing them out.
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    Bonnie being a bitch

    Nice offer, but probably not a good idea.
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    D9 bracket for T100, angled or flat?

    Flat is fine. I have one. The gauges are not perpendicular to the line of sight, but close enough that it doesn't affect the ability to read them.
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    Twin clock upgrade

    Good work! Nice color bike!
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    Twin clock upgrade

    If you buy used parts, make sure that you get everything listed in the instructions linked above, including the wiring harness and the odometer knob. You proably won't need the wire to the igniter, but you do need everything else in the kit.
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    Triumph Vouchers

    You could have got a center stand, a tachometer, and/or an Arrow exhaust.
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    Quick Help

    Just for clarification, when I said they're threaded, I meant that they're not sheet metal screws.
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    Quick Help

    I don't think they're self-tapping, they're threaded. If you still need to know, respond here and I'll go out to the garage and figure out what size they are.
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    Portland, Or area

    Like being on the Chesapeake Bay on a weekday: You'd think you'd see more boats, but you don't.
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    all from Baltimore MD. :lol3: That's all you need to know. I'll keep an eye out for your bike. :loser:
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    Engine Removal Project

    Wow, that's one hell of a job you did/had done on that bike. Good for you for seeing it through. You probably fixed something that was defective from the day it rolled off the assembly line. Whoever buys it will probably not appreciate in what good shape that motor now is.
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    Oil Leak at clutch actuator/lever on top of case

    One minute to pull out the old seal and pop in the new one. Several hours for the necessary ancillary work! :huh:
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    Oil Leak at clutch actuator/lever on top of case

    The seal is a simple one-minute replacement. Removing the clutch cover is more of a job. The oil has to be drained, you have to remove the breather hose on top, then break free the cover (if it's never been removed), then plan to spend several hours carefully scraping off the gasket bits...
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    Doing the math

    It'll die suddenly and at an inopportune time. Replace it.
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    Skeeter Did Something BAD

    I see that an HD T-shirt was not part of the purchase.