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  • Broken Spokes

    Earlier this year I discovered a couple of broken spokes on the rear wheel of my '06 Scrambler. I had the wheel relaced with a set of heavy duty spokes from Buchanon's and figured that I was done with that. Yesterday I went to put my winter tires on and found 4 more broken spokes :baldy Trying to decide what to do next. Cast wheel? Later straight spoke wheel? Are the sprocket carriers the same on all three versions of this wheel? Will they swap?

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    I seem to remember that many early Bonneville family model owners had hubs which used curved end spokes, which tended to break like you are experiencing. Triumph never officially acknowledged this design flaw, but happened to change the design of the hubs in 2008-2009 to use straight spokes, which seems to have solved the issue for most owners. You may want to look for one of those later model hubs. Do others concur?

    I have a set of fully rebuilt and upgraded wheels for sale which have the later design in case you are interested.
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      The new hub was phased in on the 2007 models, some of those have it and some don't. And 2008 and later spoked air-cooled have it. In my mind the peak of the Bonnies is a 2007 with the straight spokes, in black

      There was talk about broken spokes on the earlier models, along the lines of the broken footpeg issue. Not acknowledged by Triumph, and not that frequent, but seems to come up often enough that there's an issue.

      But for brand new spokes to fail like that, I wonder if there wasn't an installation issue?

      The sprocket carrier assembly (T2012140) is shown to fit 2001-2012, so if you can find the newer hub your existing sprocket carrier/cush drive should fit. Although your cush drive looks pretty worn, But ... $85 for a cush drive! No, yours looks just fine


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        I have a 2007 Bonneville and I bought a 2008+ Thruxton wheel. The cush drive and sprocket carrier fit. I changed the wheel due to wanting wanting straight laced spokes and a lighter aluminum wheel. I have been lucky that my Bonneville wheel has never broken a spoke (and its the old hub design).
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          Hi, I had 2 broken and 1 cracked spoke on the rear wheele of my 05 Bonneville when I got it second hand ,my local Yamaha dealer had a guy that they ring up who re spokes wheels and he changed them for me, and luckily Iíve had no trouble since, but as already mentioned it was common on the rear wheel on the earlier models.
          I still check from time to time just in case.
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