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I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD

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  • I bought my Bonneville Black new in 2008 from the only Triumph dealer in the Chicago area. Now, 73,000 miles and many mods later, it's running better than ever.

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    Windy City RATs Facebook Page
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    • Nearly as I want it, with TTP stage 1 tuning kit, loving the retro feel after many ducs n japs :}


      • what a bunch of great looking bikes! mine is a work in progress all the bolt on stuff is done it runs really nice for a little twin i have never liked the paint job but its low priority. My colors are black and silver and have had a lot of my bikes repainted in that combination and no im not a Raiders fan!
        I just havent had the time to do this one yet. my plan is to install a shorter the rear fender when she gets painted but then the bike will be done when they are done i sell them and start over with something else and ive kind of grown attached to this one thats the best excuse i have for not having it painted yet.