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Renntec Rack with quick release for saddlebags?

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  • Renntec Rack with quick release for saddlebags?

    I am interested in 2 different items but I'm sure they cannot work together with how they attach to the bike.

    I am wanting to pick up the quick connect for the saddle bags because I'm planning to use hard bags but I need quick because my garage doesn't have enough space for the car and bike with the bags so I need to be able to detach them when I get home.

    The other thing is I want to be able to attach a hard bag to the back when on long road trips, so I need something like the renntec rear rack.

    The problem is they both cannot work together given they both attach to the frame at the same spots.

    So is there anything made that can solve my problem or am I'm going to need to have some medal work fabricated to make this possible.