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Ground locations on 2008 Bonneville

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  • Ground locations on 2008 Bonneville

    Hello, I'm having some electrical issues that seems to be plaguing me for the past few seasons. Last year I took a ride from NYC to Vermont. I stopped in Mass on the way home and left my light on while getting breakfast for about 30 minutes. When I tried to start her back up, I couldn't crank her over. So I pushed started the bike. Made it home but had to push start it the entire time. I finally broke down this season after replacing that older battery. I rode about 15 miles and stopped for gas. When I tried to crank it over all of the electrical went out. This was something new that I had never seen before. I decided to change the regulator and run some charging tests. The bike seems to behaving as expected. Battery sits around 12v and while idling goes up to a little over 14v. My big concern here is all the power going out. Has anyone seen this before? I checked the fuses and they are fine so I'm leaning towards an issue with the ground or bad wires. From what I can see I do not see any corroded wires. Any one have any suggestions?

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    The ground terminal is right under and at the rear of the engine connected to one of the crankcase bolts. its near where the tube for collecting crank case oil out of the airbox dangles
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      Your regulator/rectifier may also be on the fritz. I replaced mine with a MOSFET unit that has served me well ever since.

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        All of the electrical going out sounds like your battery dropping out of the circuit. I just wire brushed the terminals and connectors on the battery, and that cleared up my problem with the bike randomly shutting off. Lights going out too? if not, could be one of those dumb switches?