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Has Any One Else Had These Problems with their Street Twin?

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    PhantomII - You have a sophisticated, high-end, computer-controlled motorcycle. The modern Street Twin is vastly different than the old air-cooled twins of even the 2001-2015 era. Again I urge you to take the Street Twin to a reputable Triumph Dealer and let them run the Triumph Diagnostic Software on your Street Twin. Depending on your VIN number, it may need a calibration map update, which could make all the difference for you! Your Street Twin computer, with the correct calibration map installed, should be able to adjust to the changes you have made. I wish you all the best.

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      I wish I had a reputable Triumph dealer the dealer I bought it from has the most crooked service department, and the next nearest one is over 2 hours away, when I get this thing paid off a little more and I'm not upside down I'm trading it in for a Yamaha.


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        someone I know with a new Thruxton was experiencing similar stalling problems. turns out the dealer had to take the head off an de-carbon the engine it as it was choked up with soot after just about 10,000 kilometers. seems it was over fueling and it had to be re-mapped