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  • Newb just saying hello!

    New guy here just recently aquired a 2006 Triumph Bonneville. Never owned one before and I am actually really starting to like this bike! I'd like to modify a few things and turn it into a scrambler! Hoping to get a lot of info from this forum!

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    Ride the bike for awhile, before you start to modify it. Don't listen to other people, only change what you want/need to change. Have fun Bonnie's are GGGGreat.
    Ride Safe,


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      I don't think I'll go too crazy with it. Mainly I'd like to swap the wheels for a black excel wheel set from dubya with Metzler Karoo tires and get rid of the rear fender and add the tail tidy kit and change the exhaust for something more compact with better sound! Other than that it would just be minimal changes!


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        Two of the weakest and most overlooked aspects of these Bonneville's are the suspension and brakes. Changing the front rotor to an EBC floating rotor will help, as well as upgrading to their brake pads. For most riders, upgrading the rear shocks to ones that are non-reservoir rebound adjustable is a good way to go. The front fork suspension is a bit trickier. On the inexpensive side you can swap out the stock springs for progressive ones (Hagon makes a good set), or go all the way and install a double-action valve with new springs and adjustments to match your weight and riding style. Some have gone even further and had adjustable cartridges installed inside the fork tubes. You don't appreciate these modifications until you've become an experienced rider and have tested the limits of your bike in a wide variety of conditions. For this purpose, I also highly recommend professional ride training classes and/or track days for the purpose of enhancing your skills, and knowledge of your bike and how you/it interact.

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          Thanks for the advice on the suspension and brakes. I have noticed the brakes have a soft feel and the front end seems to "float"! I'm not really new to motorcycles just new to Triumphs. I've been riding since I was a child and have had more bikes than I can count and have a background in cross country dirt bike racing. I'll definitely look into upgrading the brakes! Thanks for your help!