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Centre stand and pissed-on foot

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  • Centre stand and pissed-on foot

    Hi there fellow Triumphers

    I recently sold my old BMW and bought a 2009 Triumph Bonneville - so far very happy with the ride. Two things tho: the bike doesn't have a centre stand, so cleaning and lubing the chain is going to be a ball-ache of note - wheeling the bike forward 6 inches at a time, cos the chain is hard to get to. Suggestions? Can you buy a centre stand? If not I might make one myself.
    The other issue I had was that the bike pissed out some kind of clear liquid onto my left shoe the first few times I rode it. I have since taken to turning off the petrol in between rides, and the problem appears to have abated. Would like to know if anyone has had a similar issue? What confused me is that the liquid didn't smell like petrol! I thought perhaps the previous owner either cleaned the bike, and water had been trapped somewhere, or the battery or cooling system had been overfilled. This after I discovered the oil window 'wasn't working' as the former owner had put a litre too much oil in! Drained sump somewhat and oil window works fine ..

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    Hi Derek! I bought an 09 Bonnie new. Ive been very happy with it. The battery should be a sealed item. The only fluids the bike has are fuel, oil, and brake fluid. Id suspect water from washing, depending on how much you rode it those first times.

    I bought the centre stand from Triumph and installed it easily. Wheel cleaning and chain work are much easier.

    Good of luck with your ride!


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      Hi CarolinaRider, thanks for your reply .. good to know that someone else has bought a centre stand. Will hunt around for a second-hand one, ta


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        I bought an OEM stand on ebay, I am SO glad I did, and install was easy.